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Indian Medical Board of Alternative System

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Typology Diploma
Methodology Distance learning
Duration 1 Year
  • Diploma
  • Distance learning
  • Duration:
    1 Year

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According to Bach sickness is caused due to a disagreement between the main role of the soul and the point of view of a person. This leads to a conflict within a person and blockage of energy. And thereby results in less harmony in body which invites various diseases. Bach flower treatments are not based on scientific methods as they derive their connection from psychic relations with various plants. Bach connects the emotional aspects related with flowers. According to his theory negative emotions can be healed by different plants. Bach resorted to nature and intuition to find different ways of healing. He suggested that one would only have to hold a plant or a flower when one feels ill and that finding the right flower would already give the person a feeling of alleviation.

He held that every morning the rays of sun passes through the dew on flowers and gives them the power to heal a sickness. He used to collect the dews from flowers and preserve them with same amount of brandy and would dilute it further before use. When he saw that hi collection is not enough then he used to hang flowers to allow sun rays to pass through it.

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