DAMS (Alt) Electro Homeopathy

Indian Medical Board of Alternative System

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Typology Diploma
Methodology Distance learning
Duration 1 Year
  • Diploma
  • Distance learning
  • Duration:
    1 Year

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Electrohomoeopathy has been derived from the basics of homeopathy that started in the nineteenth century as per Count Cesare Mattei. This term has been coined by joining two words one is electro (means an electric bio-energy which has been said to be taken from plants of therapy value, and not in its typical sense) and homeopathy (stand for an alternative method of treatment referred by Samuel Heinemann in eighteenth century)

This form of treatment combines the use of electrical equipment and homeopathy together to form a new field of medivcation.

It is different from traditional homeopathy it is based on diluted treatments resulting into the same sort of signs in its first phase of treatment. Though electro homeopathy does not follow the same pattern of treatment. Modern scientists and the experts of medical fields though don’t agree with form of treatment and state that it has no link with science and thus has no firm root to prove that it actually works on human body.

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