Data Structures Course

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In Nagpur

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Important information

Typology Course
Location Nagpur
Duration 1 Day
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  • Nagpur
  • Duration:
    1 Day


Where and when

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44A Hill Road Gokulpeth, 440010, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
44A Hill Road Gokulpeth, 440010, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Data structures is a basic issue in advanced Computer Science. All computer programmers and developers must be well versed with Data structure. The training program assists you know the design, implementation and analysis of Data Structures Thro. C.

Course Content
In this training program candidates will learn about following topics:

* Review of C program language - Ist Part
* C Program Review - IInd Part
* Search
* Search and Frequency Count
* Understand Analysis of Search techniques
* Hashing
* Classification
* Sorting and Recursion
* Quicksort
* Structure
* Structures and polynomials
* Understand 2D Arrays
* The sparse matrices
* Implementation of sparse matrices
* The addition of sparse matrices
* Learn Multiplication of sparse matrices
* Storage
* Understand Dynamic Memory Allocation
* Linked List
* Linked List Operations - Ist Part
* The linked list operations - IInd Part
* The linked list operations - IIIrd Part
* The linked list operations - IVth Part
* Understand Circular Linked List
* Understand Doubly linked list
* The sparse matrices in a Linked list - I Part
* The sparse matrices as Linked List - II Part
* Understand Linked list using recursion
* Linked list using unions
* Understand Generalized Linked List
* Stack
* Stack as a Linked List
* Learn Stack & expressions
* Understand Stack Operations
* Understand Postfix Evaluation
* Prefix to infix
* Queues - Ist Part
* Queues - IInd Part
* Understand dequeue the priority queue
* Learn Trees
* Learn Tree tour
* BST - Ist Part
* BST - IInd Part
* Understand Binary Tree
* Threaded B-Tree
* Heap
* Understand AVL trees and Binary Trees
* Graphics
* Depth Ist Search
* Breadth Ist Search
* Understand Spanning Tree
* Algorithmor Dijkstra
* Learn Memory Management - Ist Part
* Learn Memory Management - IInd Part
* Garbage Collection
* Learn File organization

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