Data Structures Through C

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101 First Floor, 31+32/9, Prabhat Road Lane #5, Erandwane, 411004, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
101 First Floor, 31+32/9, Prabhat Road Lane #5, Erandwane, 411004, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

To go astray is human, but to actually muddle things up the person requires a computer. This is a one real fact that working with computer is a real mess. A region where there are numerous kinds of computers, a number of O.S., many languages & thousands of software. So much is there that the person can initiate into this muddled planet studying languages like C & C++, or OS like Windows else Linux, or a word processor for example MS Word & previous to long one misplaces the way and initiates imagining what is it that the person is desired to study. Windows and UNIX, Oracle and S.Q.L., Access and Fox-Pro, C and Java, Microprocessor and LIC, Data-Structures and Compliers.

In this planet for instant coffee & getting 2-minute noodles, 2-second banking and 10-second lunch, earlier than the candidate can come out from this mess. The graduate person with a degree in Computer-Technology or I.T. and then the candidate realizes that the person has made some wrong decisions all alongside the way. The scenario is so multifaceted that the institute decided to scrutinize it with a thick lens.

The person is required to ask a question from himself. What does the candidate learn from the subjects-be it a complier else is it R.D.B.M.S. similar to Oracle or be it an O.S. like Windows & the reply would be Data-Structures. The answer is very true that Data-Structures are the base of all. None of the O.S., Compilers or software can be methodically mastered with any such sound information of Data-Structures. It there is no Data-Structures, there would have been no Sybase / Oracle. If there is no Data Structure then there would have been no functions or sub-routines. Keywords can’t work with no implementing concept of Data Structure. The person would have not been able to see the contents of a hard-disk in absence of Data-Structures. You are required to entrust the institute that Data-Structures is all encircling with extensive consequences. This subject is separate from other programs. Master in Data-Structures & become a power user or spin a sightless eye to Data-Structures and the candidate will become an ordinary computer specialist. Just one among the group-the option of program is wholly depends on the candidate.

The main contents of the program are as follows:

Basics of C
Search and Analyzing of Algorithm
Analyzing of Algorithm & Hash Methods
Algorithm & Merge Sorts
Quick Sorts
Sparse Matrices
Further on Sparse-Matrices
Active memory allotment and Connected List
Operation on Connected list
Operation on Connected list – 2
Circular & Dynamic Connected list
Sparse Matrix as Connected lists
Recursive LL, widespread L.L. & Unions
More Conversation
Binary Searching Trees
Threaded Binary Trees
Heap, B Trees and 2 - 3 Trees
Additional on Graphs
Span Tree
Memory Organization
Collection of garbage

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