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During the beginning of the last century, Professor Sohrab Davar, a young scholar, erudite writer and educationalist had the vision and foresight to conceive the idea that without specialized technical training, a country's trade and commerce cannot flourish. From his dream to provide opportunities for appropriate career education and skills was born the pioneering College of Commerce and its history of business education in India DAVAR'S COLLEGE.

Under the leadership of DR. NANI S. DAVAR from 1985 Davar's College of Commerce, Secretarial Studies and Services has grown, innovated and advanced to offer a wide spectrum of modern day courses, each imparting skills for young individuals to excel in their chosen careers.

Davar's College has always attempted to provide relevant and contemporary vocational training courses essential for the corporate world.

Over a century and three generations handling it since its inception in December 1900 Davar's College continues to make a leading contribution towards enhancing competency, efficiency and professionalism in work environments across the country.

Davar’s College