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A college or any educational institute flourishes and rises above the mundane and the ordinary only when it has a vision and endeavours to translate this vision. However, a vision cannot get translated without realising the real needs of its participants. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College epitomises the collective aspiration of the community that participates in this vision. And yes! Lest we forget to mention that this vision is the optimum realisation of an individuals potential and nurturing of progressive and liberal ideals for building a better world.

How does a college survive outside the University campus? May be by beautifying its grounds and investing in equipment or by simply investing in its manpower i.e. the students and the teachers.

How does a college take that quantum leap so that it stands apart from other such institutions? May be by turning every hurdle into a challenge and what is the challenge that this college faces year after year? We accept students with lower cut-offs during the admissions. Yet, by the end of three years of graduation; we convert them into higher percentages and some into University positions. There are no short cuts in this process; a relentless labour alone ensures such rich dividends.

How does a young college compete with the established and premier colleges of Delhi University? May be by carving out its own little niche and charting out its own terrain, similar and yet different.

Nestled in the crowded bylanes of Karampura this coll

Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College