Degree in Law

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
In Barcelona (Spain)

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Important information

Typology Secondary
Location Barcelona (Spain)
  • Secondary
  • Barcelona (Spain)

Are you dreaming of becoming a lawyer? Achieve your dreams with a degree in law from UIC. This four-year, intensive course prepares students to practice law knowledgeably and with integrity. UIC takes the preparation of future lawyers seriously, and the comprehensive curriculum that it offers reflects that.During their time at UIC, law students will be exposed to a diverse range of areas within the law. In addition to civil, criminal, constitutional and procedural law, students will also learn about the history of law and will take courses such as human behavior intended to help them understand clients and parties to an action. Students will learn using the case study method, which involves studying previous situations in which the law has been applied. Based on the case study, students will be able to see how the law was interpreted. The objective is for students to be able to see a legal problem or conflict in the future and, based on what they have read, analyze the probability of the law finding in favor of their client. A proper analysis will help lawyers decide which strategy they would like to take. On the transactional side, students will also study tax law and contracts and will learn the legal aspects involved in commercial law. Students will be required to complete a final project and an internship, both of which will help them gain practical experience.


Where and when

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Immaculada, 22, 8017, Barcelona, Spain
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Starts On request
Immaculada, 22, 8017, Barcelona, Spain
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What you'll learn on the course

Constitutional Law
Civil law
Fundamentals of Human Behavior
Introduction to Law
English for Lawyers
Economics Survey
Legal Information Technology
Comparative Law
Criminal law
Procedural Law
Labor Law
Commercial Law

Course programme


Subjects in course 1 Constitutional Law 1 English for Lawyers History of Law and of the Institutions Introduction of Law Juridical Infotecnology and Communication Skills Civil Law 1 Constitutional Law 2 Fundamentals of the Human Behavior International Public Law Roman Law Subjects in course 2 Economics Survey Administrative Law 1 Civil Law 2 Community Law Legal Information Technology 2 Penal Law 1 Administrative Law 2 Civil Law 3 Finance and Accounting Analysis Introduction to Comparative Law Penal Law 2 Procedural Law 1 Subjects in course 3 Administrative Law 3 Civil Law 4 Commercial Law 1 Financial and Tax Law 1 Penal Law 3 Procedural Law 2 Administrative Law 4 Civil Law 5 Commercial Law 2 Financial and Tax Law 2 International Contract Law Labour and Social Segurity Law 1 Subjects in course 4 Catalan Public Law Commercial Law 3 Ecclesiastical and Matrimonial Canon Law Labour and Social Segurity Law 2 Philosophy Private International Law Procedural Penal Law 1 Procedural Penal Law 2 Elective Final Degree Project

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