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Diploma in Child Nutrition

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Typology Course
Level Beginner
Methodology Online
Class hours 8h
Duration 4 Weeks
Start Different dates available
  • Course
  • Beginner
  • Online
  • 8h
  • Duration:
    4 Weeks
  • Start:
    Different dates available

This course will arm students with the most powerful weapon of all, knowledge, which when used correctly can and will combat the threat of childhood malnutrition and help to ensure the well-being of the youth of today. This highly rewarding practical course is available to anyone wishing to learn more about child nutrition, health and well-being from either a personal and/or professional perspective. Whether you are looking to understand and adopt healthier choices for your child or family, implement a new lifestyle balance for your whole family or embark on a new rewarding career in Child Nutrition, this course is perfect for you.

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Reviews on this course

Sohail Khan
What I would highlight: I just started the course and I’m very please. I’ll try my best.
What could be improved: .
Course taken: October 2016
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Tiffany Black
What I would highlight: I want to thank you for this opportunity. Today was my first day and found the course to be informative and off to an excellent start! Can't wait for the next session.
What could be improved: Nothing
Course taken: April 2014
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Bri Johnson
What I would highlight: I have learnt many things from the videos. The staff was nice at every moment too.
What could be improved: Nothing.
Course taken: May 2017
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Reggie Miller
What I would highlight: Shaw Academy gives you the support needed to study at your own pace. Courses are informative and updated. Superb!
What could be improved: Nothing.
Course taken: October 2017
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
Amr Shawky
What I would highlight: I found my first lesson great, I am happy I chose Shaw Academy for my educational formation, so lucky I’ve found you guys. Thank you for everything.
What could be improved: Nothing.
Course taken: August 2017
Would you recommend this centre?: yes
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What you'll learn on the course

Child Nutrition
Weight Management
Food pyramid
Breast Feeding
Bottle Feeding
Feeding Issues
Hungry Baby
Toddler Diet
Toddler Diet

Course programme

  • LESSON 1 - 


    In this lesson the basics of nutrition are explored with a detailed examination of the food pyramid and food groups. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of food portion and nutritional requirements during pregnancy.

  • LESSON 2 - 

    Breast Feeding/Bottle Feeding

    In this lesson the merits for and against both headings are explored in detail so that the student will be fully informed. The ultimate choices depend on both personal preferences and the material facts and this module allows for those decisions.

  • LESSON 3 - 

    Feeding Issues

    Feeding issues can create many sleepless nights and heartache for both parent and child. Often times the underlying causes can be readily identified and overcome. This lesson explores many of the most frequent causes such as Colic, Reflux, Constipation and Hungry Baby.

  • LESSON 4 - 

    Weaning 6-12 Months

    This stage for many parents is untraveled territory, and even if previously travelled, it can be problematic. This lesson focuses on attempting to ensure this period is the joyous time it is supposed to be rather than the opposite.

  • LESSON 5 - 

    Toddler Diet 1-5 Years

    With child obesity and dietary health problems at all-time highs this heading is absolutely crucial. During this lesson the student explores headings such as Healthy Eating and Food Groups, Food Portions, Physical Activity and Drinks & Snacks.

  • LESSON 6 - 

    Toddler Diet 5-12 Years

    This lesson is very much a continuation of lesson 5 though specific to the ages of 5-12 where temptations can increase and dietary matters can come the fore.

  • LESSON 7 - 

    Weight Management

    The final lesson ensures you understand all core topics and is exclusively focussed on applying those principles in a healthy, maintainable manner long term. We explore areas such as obesity, portion control, anthropometrics, reward systems and we provide many practical tips.