Diploma Course in Commer4cial Art:CORELDRAW

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In Mumbai

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Typology Diploma
Location At 2 venues


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
OPriya Bldg.,1st Floor, Dr. Peter Dias Road, Near Mehboob Studio,, 400050, Maharashtra, India
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On request
Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2, Opp. St.Stephen's Church, Warden Road,, 400036, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
OPriya Bldg.,1st Floor, Dr. Peter Dias Road, Near Mehboob Studio,, 400050, Maharashtra, India
See map
Starts On request
Chinoy Mansion, First Floor, Block #2, Opp. St.Stephen's Church, Warden Road,, 400036, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

CorelDRAW is a Vector graphic software, allowing the user to produce World Class Illustrations with 16.7 million colours.

Salient Features

~ With CorelDRAW you can create Illustrations from scratch, enhance the Designs, use and embellish scanned Photos of your Digital Art, and send your finished work out in many ways.
~ Vector-based drawing Program with extensive text handling and precision-drawing features.
~ Ideal tool for virtually any design project from Commercial Art to technical illustrations, advertisements, publishing and Internet publishing.


Full-color Design Illustrations.
Complex Design Drawings.
Commercial Art.
Photorealistic Design Images.
Surrealistic Images.
Animation sequences.
Libraries of Designs.
High-quality drawings from low-resolution originals.
Web page designing.

CorelDRAW Topics Covered

1) How to Start the CorelDRAW program ?

2) Introduction to the CorelDRAW program, Menu bar & Drawing Toolbox

3) Overview of Drawing tools

a) Freehand Tool
b) Rectangle Tool
c) Ellipse Tool
e) Polygon, Spiral & Graph Paper Tools Spiral- You can draw two types of spirals: symmetrical and logarithmic

4) Editing the object

~ Deleting, Moving, Scaling, Rotating & Skewing
~ Shape Tool - Used to give shape(curve) to a line.
~ Knife Tool - Used to cut an object from node to node
~ Erase Tool
~ Smudge Tool - Smudging lets you distort an object by dragging the outline of an object or a group of objects
~ Roughen Tool - The roughening effect lets you apply a jagged or spiked edge to objects (A generic term for any item you create or place in a drawing.Objects include line,shapes,graphic and text) , including lines, curves, and text

5) How to combine two lines

6) Learn to use Transformation (Mirror) of object and combine it -
Lets you rotate and create mirror images of objects.Mirroring an object flips it from left to right or top to bottom.

7) Learn to use Transformation (Rotation), to make a flower

8) Live Demos

~ Live Demo- How to make a Heart
~ Live Demo- How to make a Plane
~ Live Demo- How to make a Hand
~ Live Demo- How to make a Heartleaf

9) Differentiate Mode of Color

10) Color Fill Tool :-

~ Fill Color
~ Fountain Fill -
A fountain fill is a smooth progression of two or more colors that adds depth to an object(Gives shades of colors)
~ Pattern Fill -
You can fill objects with two-color, full-color, or bitmap pattern fills.
~ Texture Fill -
A texture fill is a randomly generated fill that you can use to give your objects a natural appearance.
~ PostScript Fill
~ No Fill
~ Color Docker Window

11) Outline Tool :-

~ Outline Pen
~ Outline Color
~ No Outline
~ Outline Thickness

12) Arrange Menu

~ Order -
You can change the stacking order of objects on a layer by sending objects to the front or back, or behind or in front of other objects.
~ Group -
When you group two or more objects, they are treated as a single unit.
~ Convert to curve -
Lets you shape objects by manipulating their nodes(The square point at each end of a line or curve segment) and segments(The line or curve between nodes in a curve objects)
~ Convert Outline to object

13) Edit Menu

~ Delete
~ Symbol
~ Duplicate
Duplicate an object
~ Clone
~ Copy Properties From

14) View Menu

~ Simple Wireframe -
Simple wireframe - displays an outline of the drawing by hiding fills, extrusions, contours, drop shadows, and intermediate blend shapes; also displays the bitmaps in monochrome. It lets you quickly preview basic elements in a drawing.
~ Wireframe Wireframe -
displays simple wireframe in addition to intermediate blend shapes.
~ Normal
Normal - displays a drawing without PostScript fills or high-resolution bitmaps. Refreshes and opens slightly faster than enhanced view.
~ Enhanced
Enhanced - displays a drawing with PostScript fills, high-resolution bitmaps, and anti-aliased vector graphics.

15) Interactive Tool :-

~ Interactive Blending Tool -
Lets you create blends, such as straight-line blends, blends along a path((The basic components from which objects are constructed) , and compound blends.
~ Interactive Contour Tool -
You can contour (An effect created by adding evenly spaced concentric shapes inside or outside the borders of an object) an object to create a series of concentric lines that progress to the inside or outside of the object.
~ Interactive Distortion Tool
~ Interactive Envelope Tool -
It gives curve effects
~ Interactive Extrude Tool -
It gives 3D effect.

16) Interactive Extrude Tool

~ Interactive Drop Shadow -
Drop shadows simulate light falling on an object from one of five particular perspectives: flat, right, left, bottom, and top.
~ Interactive Fill Tool
~ Interactive Mesh Fill -
A type of fill that lets you add patches of color to the inside of a selected object
~ Interactive Transperancy

17) Eyedropper Tool & Paintbucket Tool
18) Artistic Media Tool
19) View Menu
20) Designing an Advertisement layout.
21) Designing an Greeting Card with proper measurements & Color effects.
22) Layout Menu
23) Text Menu

24) Live demo : Advertisement Layout with proper measurements.

25) Arrange Menu
~ Shaping - Weld, Trim, Intersect,Simplify, Front Minus Back, Back Minus Front.
~ Close path
26) Convert outline to object
27) Effects Menu
~ Lens
~ Powerclip
~ Add Perspective
~ Rollover -
Rollovers are interactive objects that change in appearance when you click or point to them. You can create rollovers using objects.

28) Bitmap Menu
29) Live Demo : Packet / Box Designing
30) Designing a Visiting Card
31) Designing a Letterhead
32) Final Project

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