Diploma Course in Journalism

Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal
In Mumbai

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Typology Diploma
Location Mumbai
Duration 1 Day
  • Diploma
  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    1 Day


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Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal, above Bhaidas Hall, B S Marg, Juhu Scheme, Vile Parle (W), 400056, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal, above Bhaidas Hall, B S Marg, Juhu Scheme, Vile Parle (W), 400056, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

Definition of conversation, its environment, position, purpose plus range Various kinds of conversation; non-verbal, orally, written
Channels of conversation, Patterns of conversation, administration of facts
Inter personal conversation, inter personal team conversation plus its relationship to huge media, cultural kinds of mass conversation folk kinds.

Developing conversation, communal conversation, conversation crossways continents, satellite conversation Radio, TV, cinema, Internet, events plus exhibitions Conversation of notices, program, minutes; icon structuring, Rural conversation in country, its position plus tasks, Write trade plus community relationships letters, messages Conversation research meaning; its environment plus range; research methods; obtaining feedback facts plus its significance; prepare questionnaire, schedule interviews, sampling methods, data analysis, performance plus report inscribing; cautions to be taken. possession of media, commercialization, Kinds of spectators, hypothesis of satisfaction

Journals plus Magazines, alcove Magazines
the past of Journalism
Developing of Press until 1857, with orientation to JA Hickey, JS Buckingham, Raja RM Roy, Robert Knight, Effect of business rebellion on the Press, separatist squash in country Bal Gangaadhar Tillak, MK Gandhi, Shisir Kumar Ghhosh, Mumbai Samaachar, Amrita Bazaar Patrikaa, TTI, The Hindu, The Statesman limitations on Media in excess of the years; various laws limiting the media. Before independence plus after independence reporting, National urgent situation Press Council of country, PCI Media explosion in country, provincial Press precedent plus present Media plus communal, supporting plus financial matters; Social position of the media.
Constitution of nation plus Press Litigation
prominent characteristics of Indian Constitution; frame the Constitution; comparative learning of Constitutions of other important nations. essential Rights, RTI, Liberty of the Press, Initial Amendment, DP, Supreme Court, High Courts, litigation reviewing, Articles 352, 356, 360 plus 370.

Limitations on the Media, under the Constitution plus in decree, clearness Government Right to criticize the courts, disrespect of Courts Act, container precedents Press Freedom plus Parliamentary freedom, case studies; Parliamentary human rights plus the British assembly, 42nd plus 44th alteration of constitution regulation of offense, Bihar Press Bill, 1988,

Meaning of news, defining plus fundamentals, news worth of facts
Sources of news, its agency, techniques of news gathering
Report, people position in this section, good points of reporter
Rights plus accountabilities of a reporter
Forms of news report writing, building of news, upside down pyramid
Introduction, kinds of preface
Report Conference, media, press conference
Report speech plus lecture
Cover election, EC conducting
Developing this sector
Sexual category, society matters
Exclusive reports, scoops, investigation program
Diplomatic coverage
Interpretative reports
Preface to trade, games, surroundings journalism
Photography plus inscribing on science plus technology


Define fine writing, its constituents plus methods of writing
Write for media, variations among journalist writing plus literature
Characteristic writing, kinds of characteristics
Variance among report writing plus characteristics writing
Write middles
Edit, editorial section
Write for e-media
Ways of selling the stories
Columns of inscribing, kinds
Gossiping, diaries sheets, page3 writing
Reviewing books, movies, foodstuff, events
Letters to the editor, their needs
Handle the letter session

Define editing
This section setting up in a news organization
Evolving in RTI coordination with other sections like advertising, circulatin
Good points needed to be a fine editor
Position plus accountability of the editor
Main sub-editor, news editor
Sources of copy
Rules of cutting, its procedure.
caption writing.
Page outline, dummy; Usage of photographs, visuals, photoes-cutting
E-cutting, Editing for the e-media.
Planned editions; Font, design; Layouts/D.T.P.
Various pages/segments
Public Opinion; Constitution plus Press Laws
Social compulsion of media
Fundamental Rights,
liberty of the Press
offense, Slander, Libel
Noam Chomsky (industrialized Consent), C.N.N. result,
Morals plus Ethics
Right to recognize plus RTI
human rights of assembly plus Legislatures
Disdain of Courts Act

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