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Typology Diploma
Location Hyderabad
  • Diploma
  • Hyderabad


Where and when

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304, 3rd floor TMC Building Dilshuknagar, 500060, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
304, 3rd floor TMC Building Dilshuknagar, 500060, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Diploma Course in Print Media

Topics will be covered :-

Print Media

Basics of Multimedia
Digital printing and concepts
Color theory
Designing and visualisation
Internet concepts
Roll of designing in webmedia

You will be covered with :-


Photoshop course Outline

Introduction to Photoshop
Importance of Photoshop
Exploring the working environment or workspace
Navigating the Workspace The Menu Bar
The Status Bar
The Toolbox
The Palettes
Working with Navigator Palette & Hand Tool
New View & Duplicate
Image Size & Resolution
Image Size Dialog Box
Resizing Practice
Canvas Size
Crop Tool in photoshop
Crop Tool Practice in photoshop
History Palette Basics
Saving Images
Saving for web in photoshop
Homework or Assignments for practice
Navigator Palette & Hand Tool
How to Duplicate the document in photoshop
Image Size & Resolution in photoshop
Image Size Dialog Box
Canvas Size
Image Modes & Color Selection
The Color Picker
Color & Swatch Palettes
Custom Swatch Exercise
Eyedropper & Info Palette
Selection tools in photoshop
marquee tool-addition,substraction,intersection
assignments for marquee tool practice
Polygonol Lasso
Magnetic Lasso
Wand(w) Selection Tools-
Assignments for selcetion tools practice

Transforming(Ctrl+T) Selections
Flip images in photoshop
-horizontal flip &
-Vertical Flip in Photoshop
Quick Mask Mode(Q)
Quick Mask Selections in photoshp
Alpha Channels & Channel Palette
Exercises in Mask/Selection Practice

working with LAYERS in photoshop

Introduction to Layers
The Layers Palette
Move, Copy & Transform Layers in photoshop
Create a new layer (Ctrl+N) in photoshop
Duplicate a layer in Photosop

Merge layers with down layer(CTRL+E)
Merge all layers
Blending options
-drop Shadow
-inner Shadow
-outer Glow
-inner Glow
-Bevel and Emboss
-Gradient Overlay
-Color Overlay
-Pattern Overlay
-Stroke etc
Excercises for blendmodes in photoshop
Working with Type Layer in photoshop
Introduction to TEXT tool in photoshp
Type Palettes and Text Warping
Exercises for type tool
Painting Tools
Introduction to Paint Bucket and Fill Command
Gradient tool in photoshop
-Linear Gradient
-Radial Gradient
-Angle Gradient
-Reflected Gradient
-Diamond Gradient

Patterns in Photoshop
-define patterns
-working with patterns
-Patterns in Blend modes
-Pattern Stamp Tool
Brushes and Fade Command
Pencil, Paintbrush and Airbrush Tools
Brushes customization
Define Brush set
Eraser Tools
Painting Exercises

Photo or Image Retouching Tools in photoshp

Introduction & Tips
Blur, Sharpen, Smudge
Dodge, Burn, Sponge
Clone Stamp, History Brush, Art History Brush
Path tool Pallette
pen tool in photoshop
-add anchor point
-Delete anchor point
-move paths
-direction path tool
Stroke path with brush
Brush tip shape in photoshop
Slice tool for web designing
Karishma Album Practicing
Cinema Poster Designing

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