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Typology Diploma
Location Hyderabad
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304, 3rd floor TMC Building Dilshuknagar, 500060, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
304, 3rd floor TMC Building Dilshuknagar, 500060, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Diploma Course in Web Designing

Topics will be covered :-

Web designing

Internet Concepts
Creating templets
Animation to Interactiveness
Web Developing

You will be covered with :-

Dream Weaver
Java Scripts

Web Designing course Outline

This is only the course outline what topics to be covered in webdesigning but order may be change as the course proceeds and does not necessarily reflect the
actual order of topics to be discussed. We starts from basics in all modules and topics.

Introduction to web designing

» Impartance of web designing

» Review of syllabus for web designing

» History & structure of the internet/web

» Who are the target audience?

» Purpose of the web site designing

» Usability of the audience

» Structure of the web site

» Navigation

» Concept, content, & context

» Visibility and Readability

» Downloading time

» Color schemes for web site

» Font choices and font colors in web designing

» Selection of Image for web site designing

» Advertisements / pop-ups

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Overview of HTML
Code as language
Dreamweaver vs. basic text editors
What are tags?
Appropriation - "View Source" browser option
Tags & attributes
Table structure in web designing
Browser compatability or differences in web browser

Site definition

» Creating path for a particular web site ,basic as well as advanced settings

» Setting of Folder path for html files

» Setting of Folder path for images used in the web site

» File Transfer Protocol (FTP)- to upload the web site

»Local settings

» Remote server settings

» Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

» Types of styles

» Specifying class within HTML document

» Text rollovers

» Names
» Functions
» Keyboard Shortcuts

» Image optimization

» Image editing etc

» Working with Layers in dreamweaver cs4
» Working with <div> tags
» Types of div positions
» Differences between the positions

Web designing (templates in photosop)
» Images
» Placing
» Resizing / resolution
» Text
» Color
» Web-safe colors
» Hexadecimal value ex: #cccccc
» Slicing the page
» Saving for web

Course Outline for Flash:

Over view of flash
Review of course outline

Working with Flash

* Setting Stage dimensions in adobe flash
* Working with panels and panel layouts
* Setting property inspector
* Publish settings

Creating and Importing Graphic files in to Flash Environment

* Working with different graphics in flash
* Importing bitmap graphics (ctrl+r)
* Importing vector graphics
* impartence of layers in flash
* layers folders
* Using the drawing tools
* Using object and merge drawing
* Working with the color panels
* impartance Library panel

UsingText Effectively

* Text tool
* Types of text
* working with static, input and dynamic
* formatting static text
* Changing input text fields
* Embedding fonts in input text field.
* password type text

Animation principles

* Working with the Timeline
* Types of animation in flash
* Types of Frames in the Flash
* key frames,
* blank key frames,
* normal frames
* Creating motion tweens
* Creating shape tweens
* text animation
* Frame by Frame animation (ex: 2d images sequence)
* Creating transition effects in Flash
* Examples for best practices

Action Script with Script Assist and Behaviors

* Script Assist
* Types of actions
* Adding actions to a frame
* Creating and using Button symbols
* Adding behavior to a button
* Adding actions to a button
* Loading external SWFs

Movie Clips in Flash

* Creating symbols
* Graphic symbols
* Movie Clip symbols
* Creating Buttons in flash
* Organizing a movie Clip Timeline
* Using actions to control a Timeline
* Using frame labels
* Reporting to user interactions

Adding Sound and Video

* Importing sound
* Changing sound properties
* Adding sound to a Timeline
* Embedding video in a Timeline
* Using the FLVP

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