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Intensive care medicine or critical care medicine is a branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and management of life-threatening conditions that may require sophisticated organ support and invasive monitoring.



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Thane (Maharashtra)
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03 Lula Arcade bhanu Sagar theatre kalyan w thane mumbai, 421301

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SEMESTER-I S.No. PAPER CODE NAME OF PAPER M.M.(T-S-P) 1 DCCT-11 GENERAL ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 70+30+50 = 150 2 DCCT-12 APPLIED ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 70+30+50 = 150 SEMESTER-II S.No. PAPER CODE NAME OF PAPER M.M.(T-S-P) 1 DCCT-21 PHARMACOLOGY 70+30+50 = 150 2 DCCT-22 MICROBIOLOGY & CSSD 70+30+50 = 150 SEMESTER-III S.No. PAPER CODE NAME OF PAPER M.M.(T-S-P) 1 DCCT-31 BASIC OF CRITICAL CARE SERVICES 70+30+50 = 150 2 DCCT-32 ICU MANAGEMENT 70+30+50 = 150 SEMESTER-IV S.No. PAPER CODE NAME OF PAPER M.M.(T-S-P) 1 DCCT-41 DIFFERENT PROEDURE & EQUIPMENTS 70+30+50=150 2 DCCT-42 CRITICAL CARE TECHNOLOGY 70+30+50=150 *** Details of Syllabus SEMESTER-I DCCT-11-GENERAL ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY  Head , Neck & Brain  Upper limb anatomy  Visral organ of abdomen 3  Lower limb anatomy  Anatomy of Thorax:- Anatomy of upper respiratory tract ( nose oral cavity, pharynx , larynx). Anatomy of lower respiratory tract (trachea bronchi , hilum , bronchial tree, alveolus). Anatomy of thoracic cage bone , muscle, innervations. Anatomy of lung (pleura, lobes).  Anatomy of heart:- Pericardium , myocardium, endocardium, valves, chamber vascular system.  Physiology of respiratory system:- Physiology of breathing, gas exchange, transport of O2, CO2. Acid base balance.  Physiology of cardiovascular system:- Heart sound, cardiac cycle , cardiac output, cardiac conducting system , blood pressure. Physiology of E.C.G.. DCCT-12-APPLIED ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY  Respiratory system applied Anatomy:- Medical terminology , pleura, lobes of long, bronchopulmonary tree, passage to deliver artificial respiratory gases, Surface marking of lungs, approach to different lobes, method of pulmonary drain Respiratory system applied Physiology nebulization process, homeostasis, lung volume, O2 transport abnormality ,CO2 transport abnormalities, ventilation and perfusion V/Q ratio, acid base balance , pulmonary function test, ABG.  Regional circulation:- Coronary, cerebral, splanchnic circulation Cardiac system applie Anatomy Coronary artery branches, coronary vein branches , cardiac muscle supply, conduction system of herart Cardiac system applied physiology basic arrhythmias, Principles of ECG, Hypertension, mean pulse pressure , central line , central veions pressure CVP monitoring , Basic electrolytes  CNS :- Central , peripheral and autonomic nervous system pain pathway and pain modulation Metabolic requirement of the brain consciousness, coma, brain injury, sedetion , SEMESTER-II DCCT-21-PHARMACOLOGY  General pharmacology 4  Drugs nomenclature  Mode of action of drugs  Route of drug administration  Drug dose calculation:- dilution, infusion rate  Medical gases, O2, N2O  Bronchodilators  Mucolytic agents  Antihistamines  Steroids  Drugs affecting autonomic nervous system isotropic agents chronoscopic agents  Antihypertensive  Anti heart failure  Analgesic , sedative  Neuromuscular blocking agents  Diuretics  Anti Inflammatory drugs  Antibiotics & antiseptics  emergency drugs DCCT-22-MICROBIOLOGY AND CSSD  Importance of infection control in an ICU  Agent causing infection  Spread of infection ( source-host, transmission)  Biohazardous materials  Infection control & universal precautions  Sterilization & disinfection concept 5  Specific infection Nosocomial infections , types, prevention HIV-AIDS, HBSAG-hepatic A,B,C  Tropical infection An introduction of CSSD department SEMESTER-III DCCT-31-BASIC OF CRITICAL CARE SERVICES  Introduction  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation- basic & advanced  Advanced cardiac life support  Oxygen therapy  Aerosol therapy  Mechanical ventilation  Patient para monitoring  Complication of ICU care  Nutrition for critically ill patients  ICU infection  Ethics & behavior in ICU DCCT-32-ICU MANAGEMENT  Recording & reporting of various parameter in ICU  Care of unconscious patient  Planning for the ICU Setup patient  Basic of CPR  Basic cardiac life support  Advance cardiac life support 6  Newer guideline for life support  Defibrillator  Common care in ICU  Care of anesthetized patient  Medical , legal& ethical issue in trauma SEMESTER-IV DCCT-41-DIFFERENT PROCEDURE & EQUIPMENTS  Blood gas analysis  Specimen collection & handling , operation principle of operation , maintenance, trouble  shooting installation, programming  Blood electrolyte analysis  Bedside monitor – System introduction , external devices, monitoring parameter, setting different parameter  Endotrachial tube  Operation , display, recording, printing, cleaning & care  Temporary peacemaker  Pulse oximetry  Capnometry  Mechanical ventilation  Multimodality bedside monitor  ECG  Defibrillator –monitor  Oxygen supply and storage  Nebulizer  Bronchoscopy 7  Glucometer, tracheostomy & advanced, airway DCCT-42-CRITICAL CARE TECNOLOGY Airway , breathing & circulation o Airway care o Indication for artificial airways o Selecting and establishing an artificial airway o Airway clearance techniques Oxygen therapy o Soured of O2 , Storage of O2 o Mode of O2 therapy Mechanical ventilation o Type of ventilator o Weaning from ventilator o Care of patient on ventilator Cardiovascular support Setting up invasive pressure monitoring- leveling, calibration, zeroing, measuring pressure. Respiratory support PEEP, CPAP And BIPAP Circuits Equipment maintenance & basic troubleshooting o Ventilator, pump- infusion, syringe o Monitor-stand alone and multi parameter , ECG machine, ABG machine, Defibrillator Tools of intensive care.

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₹ 39,000 VAT incl.