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Emergency medicine, also known as accident and emergency medicine, is the medical specialty involving care for undifferentiated and unscheduled patients with illnesses or injuries requiring immediate medical attention. In their role as first-line providers, emergency physicians are responsible for initiating investigations and interventions to diagnose and/or treat patients in the acute phase (including initial resuscitation and stabilization), coordinating care with physicians from other specialities, and making decisions regarding a patient's need for hospital admission, observation, or discharge. Emergency physicians generally practice in hospital emergency departments, pre-hospital settings via emergency medical services, and intensive care units, but may also work in primary care settings such as urgent care clinics.



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Thane (Maharashtra)
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03 Lula Arcade Bhanu Sagar Theatre Kalyan Thane Mumbai, 421301

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SEMESTER-I S.No. PAPER CODE NAME OF PAPER M.M.(T-S-P) 1 DETC-11 GENERAL ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 70+30+50 = 150 2 DETC-12 APPLIED ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY 70+30+50 = 150 SEMESTER-II S.No. PAPER CODE NAME OF PAPER M.M.(T-S-P) 1 DETC-21 PHARMACOLOGY 70+30+50 = 150 2 DETC-22 PATHOLOGY & MICROBILOGY 70+30+50 = 150 SEMESTER-III S. N o. PAPER CODE NAME OF PAPER M.M.(T-S-P) 1 DETC-31 BASIC OF CRITICAL CARE SERVICES 70+30+50 = 150 2 DETC-32 CLINICAL MEDICINE 70+30+50 = 150 SEMESTER-IV S.No. PAPER CODE NAME OF PAPER M.M.(T-S-P) 1 DETC-41 TRIAGE - TECHNOLOGY 70+30+50=150 2 DETC-42 EQUIPMENT IN EMERGENCY 70+30+50=150 *** 3 Details of Syllabus SEMESTER-I GENERAL ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY  Head , Neck & Brain  Upper limb anatomy  Visral organ of abdomen  Lower limb anatomy  Thorax:- Anatomy of upper respiratory tract ( nose, oral cavity, pharynx , larynx). Anatomy of lower respiratory tract (trachea, bronchi , hilum , bronchial tree, alveolus).Anatomy of thoracic cage (bone , muscle, innervations. Anatomy of lung (pleura, lobes).  Cardiac Anatomy:- Pericardium , myocardium, endocardium, valves, chamber vascular system.  Respiratory physiology:- Physiology of breathing, Respiratory gas exchange, transport of O2, CO2. Acid base balance.  Cardio vascular physiology:- Heart sound, cardiac cycle , cardiac output, cardiac conducting system , blood pressure.Physiology of E.C.G.. APPLIED ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY  Respiratory system:- Medical terminology , pleura, lobes of long, bronchopulmonary tree, passage to deliver artificial respiratory gases, Surface marking of lungs, approach to different lobes, method of pulmonary drain , nebulization process, homeostasis, lung volume, O2 transport abnormality ,CO2 transport abnormalities, ventilation and perfusion V/Q ratio, acid base balance , pulmonary function test, ABG.  Regional circulation:- Coronary, cerebral, splanchnic regulation of rate, basic arrhythmias, Principles of ECG, Hypertension, mean pulse pressure , central line , central veions pressure ,CVP monitoring , Basic electrolytes 4  CNS :- Central , peripheral and autonomic nervous system, pain pathway and pain modulation, Metabolic requirement of the brain ,consciousness, coma, brain injury, sedetion , *** SEMESTER-II PHARMACOLOGY GENERAL PHARMACOLOGY – Defination , pharmacokinetics & pharmacodynamics, Adverse drug effects. RESPIRATORY SYSTEM DRUG – Drugs use for cough & bronehial asthma. Drugs used for nebulization. DRUG ACTING ON CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM – General anaesthesia , sedative- Hypnotics, drugs. DRUG ACTING ON KIDNEY – Diuretics & Anti diuretics drugs DRUGS AFFECTING BLOOD FORMATION – anticoagulants, antithrombotic & antiplatelet drugs. CARDIOVASCULAR DRUG – Cardiac glycosides and drug for CHF, Antiarrhythmic drug, antianginal & anti ischemic drugs, antihypertensive drugs. ESSENTIAL DRUG & DRUG USED IN EMERGENCY – Cardiac glycosides and drug for CHF, Antiarrhythmic drug, antianginal & antiischemic drug, antihypertensive drugs. EMERGENCY DRUGS  Adrenaline : Mode or administration, dilution, dosage,  Isoprenaline  Atropine, bicarbonate, calcium, ephedrine, xylocard,  Ionotropes : dopamine, dobutamine, amidaron  Aminophylline, hydrocortisone, antihistamlnics, potassium. 5  Cardlovascular drugs  Antihypertensives  Antiarhythmics  Beta - Blockers  Ca - Channel blockers.  Vasodilators - nitroglycerin & sodium nitroprusside  Respiratory system - Bronchodilators, respiratory stimulants Bronchiolytic agents  Renal system - Diuretics,furosemide,mannitol *** SEMESTER-III BASIC OF CRITICAL CARE SERVICES  Introduction  Cardiopulmonary resuscitation- basic & advanced  Advanced cardiac life support  Oxygen therapy  Aerosol therapy  Mechanical ventilation  Patient para monitoring  Complication in ICU care  Nutrition for critically ill patients  ICU infection  Ethics & behavior in ICU CLINICAL MEDICINE PUBLIC HEALTH  Introduction of community medicine  Transmission of disease  Preventive of Disease  Principle of prevention of control & disease  Hospital infection and & control of infection Disease 6  Hospital west management  Communicable disease  Health education & promotion  Accident as non communicable disease PATIENT CARE  History taking  Physical examination  The unconscious patient  Diagnosis of emergency  Diagnosis to brain death  Case presentation MEDICAL CARE  Introduction of medical care & health care system  Hospital staff patient relationship  hemodynamics  First aid & emergency care CHAIN OF SURVIVAL IN EMERGENCY EMERGENCY MEDICAL SAPORT & LIFE SAVEING DRUGS

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