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Diploma in Fashion Technology

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Typology Diploma
Methodology Online
Duration 1 Year
Start Different dates available
Online campus Yes
  • Diploma
  • Online
  • Duration:
    1 Year
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    Different dates available
  • Online campus

Fashion design is the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories such as bracelets and necklace. Because of the time required to bring a garment onto the market, designers must at times anticipate changes to consumer tastes.

Designers conduct research on fashion trends and interpret them for their audience. Their specific designs are used by manufacturers. This is the essence of a designer’s role; however, there is variation within this that is determined by the buying and merchandising approach, and product quality; for example, budget retailers will use inexpensive fabrics to interpret trends, but high-end retailers will ensure that the best available fabrics are used.

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Details of Syllabus DFT -01- FABRIC STUDY Theory: Fiber classification, yarn and its types, fabric construction – weaving, knitting, felting, methods of dyeing and printing, surface designing techniques, care of fabric. Practical: Fiber identification, weave analysis, preparation of swatch file, market survey, finishing, dyeing and printing, laundry. * DFT -02- BASICS OF FASHION ILLUSTRATION 3 Theory: Fashion terminologies, factor affecting fashion cycle, portfolio development, accessory designing. Practical: Preparation of fashion figures, basic croquie, flesh croquie, different poses and styles. Basic silhouettes, specific details- bows, pockets, and plackets, belts, various types of shirts skirts pants, hair styles, headgears, optical illusion using basic principles and elements of design * DFT -03- ELEMENTS OF DESIGN Theory: Basic elements of design – silhouette, line, colour, value, texture. Principle of design, proportion, balance, unity, rhythm and emphasis. Colour theory and composition. Introduction, characteristic of colour, (hue, lightness and saturation). Psychology of colours. Practical: All colour schemes practically to be done on an article, design development. Project work for designing using elements and principles of design. * DFT -04- ELEMENTARY CLOTHING CONSTRUCTION Theory: Equipments and accessories used, sewing machine – their parts and general repair. Clothing construction terminology, taking body measurement, preparation of fabric for layout and cutting. Practical: Basic seams, finishing of raw edges, plackets, pleats, tucks, darts, gathers and fasteners. Drafting of child’s and adults basic body and sleeve block, Garment’sfor children and teenagers * DFT -05- COSTUME DESIGNING Theory: Methods of costume designing, draping, drafting, flat pattern, and Principles of Designing, rules of dart making. Practical: Dart manipulation – Pivoting and slash method, draping of 4 basic bodice and making yokes. * DFT (P)-06- EMBROIDERY –BASIC HAND STITCHES Practical: Outline stitches- Back stitch, pekinese stitch, and cable stitch, overcoat stitch and split stitch Flat stitches-Straight stitch, satin stitch, long and short stitch, fish bone stitch, open fish bone., fern stitch, herringbone stitch, rumanian stitch, leaf stitch and cross stitch Looped stitches-blanket stitch, feather stitch, creatan stitch, chain stitch, open chain stitch, twisted chain stitch, cable stitch, and lazy daisy.Knotted stitch-French knot., bullion knots ,couching ,spider web. * DFT (P)-07- COMPUTERIZED PATTERN MAKING Practical: Introduction to Corel Draw.

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