Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology in Ocular Anatomy

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Typology Diploma
Location Mumbai
Duration 3 Years
  • Diploma
  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    3 Years


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PREMLILA VITHALDAS POLYTECHNIC Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar, Juhu Road, Santacruz (West),, 400049, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
PREMLILA VITHALDAS POLYTECHNIC Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar, Juhu Road, Santacruz (West),, 400049, Maharashtra, India
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· Requirements

S.S.C./I.C.S.E./C.B.S.E. ( Minimum 50% marks)

Course programme

Topics and Details

Introduction to anatomy - common terms used.

Outline of eyeball structures and orbit .Cross section of
eyeball, parts of eyeball, layers, eyeball in orbit

Orbit and its relations- External anatomy,
measurements, orbital margins, roof of the orbit,
relations, medial wall, floor, lateral wall, superior orbital
fissure, inferior orbital fissure, optic foramen, orbital
contents, blood supply, Tenon's capsule.

Extra-Ocular muscles-Extrinsic muscles of the eye,
actions of the extraocular muscles, superior rectus,
inferior rectus, medial rectus, lateral rectus, superior
oblique, inferior oblique, muscles of the lids - levator
palpebrae superiors, non- striated muscles of the orbit.

Lacrimal apparatus-Lacrimal glands, blood supply,
nerve supply, lacrimal passage, lacrimal puncta,
lacrimal canaliculi, lacrimal sac, nasolacrimal duct,
blood supply of lacrimal passage, nerve supply of
lacrimal passage.

Eyelids - External anatomy, structure of lids - skin,
striated muscle, fibrous layer, tarsal plates, orbital
septum, layer of unstriped muscle, conjunctiva, glands
of the lids, blood supply of lids, nerve supply.

Conjunctiva - external anatomy. Palpebral conjunctiva,
bulbar conjunctiva, fornix, microscopic structure,
glands of conjunctiva, blood supply, caruncle, plica

Cornea -External anatomy, microscopic structure, blood
supply, nerve supply, limbus.

Sclera -External anatomy, anterior apertures, middle
apertures, posterior apertures, episclera, sclera proper,
lamina fusca, blood supply, nerve supply.

Uvea -External anatomy, Iris, anterior limiting layer,
stroma, anterior epithelium, posterior pigment
epithelium, nerve supply of iris, ciliary body, ciliary
processes, ciliary muscle, stroma, epithelium, internal
limiting membrane, nerve supply of ciliary body,
choroids, suprachoroidal lamina, layer of blood vessels,
choriocapillaris, Bruch's membrane, nerve supply of
choroids, blood supply of uveal tract.

Lens - External anatomy, lens capsule, lens epithelium,
lens fibres, lens nuclei, ciliary zonule.

Anterior chamber and its angle -External anatomy,
angle, and ciliary band, scleral spur, trabecular
meshwork, canal of schlemm, Schwalbe's line, drainage
of aqueous humor, posterior chamber.

Posterior chamber and Vitreous -External anatomy,
main mass of vitreous, base of vitreous, Hyaloidean
vitreous, vitreous cells.

Retina- Layers, macula, ora serrata, blood supply,
retinal capillaries.

Optic Nerve -Parts of the nerve, scleral canal, lamina
cribrosa, sheaths of the nerve

Visual Pathway -Optic chaisma relations, arrangement
of visual fibres in the optic chaisma, optic tract
relations, lateral geniculate body, optic radiation, visual
cortex, blood supply of the visual pathway, blood
supply of the optic nerve, chaisma, optic tract, LGB,
optic radiation, visual cortex, localization of lesions in
the visual pathway.

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic innervations and its
effect on the eye.

Blood supply- Ciliary circulation, retinal circulation, and
central retinal artery.

Orbital Nerves -Oculomotor nerves, trochlear nerve,
trigeminal nerve, abducent nerve, facial nerve.

Age changes- Eyelids, cornea, conjunctiva, lens,
vitreous, retina and choroid

Congenital Anomalies of the eye and its adnexa -
Pathology of congenital ocular anomalies -
Anophthalmos, micro ophthalmos, ptosis, distichiasis,
coloboma, epicanthus, corneal opacities,
magalocornea, heterochromia iridis, aniridia, congenital
cataract, pupil, choroid and retinal anomalies


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