Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology in Optometry

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Important information

Typology Diploma
Location Mumbai
Duration 3 Years
  • Diploma
  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    3 Years


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
PREMLILA VITHALDAS POLYTECHNIC Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar, Juhu Road, Santacruz (West),, 400049, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
PREMLILA VITHALDAS POLYTECHNIC Sir Vithaldas Vidyavihar, Juhu Road, Santacruz (West),, 400049, Maharashtra, India
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Frequent Asked Questions

· Requirements

S.S.C./I.C.S.E./C.B.S.E. ( Minimum 50% marks)

Course programme

Topic & details

Physical optics
Nature of light
Propagation of light
Behaviour of light

Nature of white light
Visible spectrum, colours, transparency etc.

International signs and symbols, standard notations of
spherical and cylindrical lenses

Geometrical optics - Reflection of light
Laws of reflection
Reflection on the plane surface
Types/ forms of reflection
Reflection at curved surface i.e. concave and convex
Uses of concave and convex lenses

Refraction of light - Laws of refraction, Vergence and
Dioptre, Refraction at the plane surface, Total Internal
Reflection and Critical angle, Reflection at curved
surfaces, Image formation, axial and paraxial

Mathematical equation for - Image size, Image
distance, Retinal image, Magnification

Exercise based on equations
Introduction to lenses forms and types - various types
of lenses

Trial box and its accessories
Visual Optic
Compound homocentric system -Reduced
eye, schematic eye

Physiological Optics -General concepts of eye as a
refracting apparatus, optical resolution of the eye,
Vision Normal Vision, Visual Acuity, Various test types
and charts (Distance & near).
Measurement of visual acuity by various test
types for physically and mentally handicapped

Visual optics -Accommodation - Definition, Mechanism
of accommodation, variation with Age,

Hypermetropia - Definition (with reference to far
point), optics of a hypermetropic eye,
Aetiology, Types, Accommodation in Hypermetropes,

Myopia - Defi5nition (with reference to far point),
Aetiology, opti4cs of myopic eye, Types, Pathological
Myopia, Accom2modation in Myopes, Treatment,
Surgical Treatme2nt- Lasik (mention).

Astigmatism - Definition, Types, Aetiology, Treatment,
Irregular Astigmatism, Mention- Palcido's Disc,
Keratometer, Topographer.

Aphakia - Definitions, causes, sign & symptoms optical
condition, disadvantages, Treatment

Anisometropia - Definition, Aetiology, causes, Optical
Diagrams, Retinal image difference, Treatment.

Role & significance of Cycloplegics & Mydriatic drugs in
Ophthalmic Practice

Additional information

Work placements: Provides Internships

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