Diploma in Oto-Rhino-Larynogology

Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil University
In Navi Mumbai

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Important information

Typology Diploma
Location Navi mumbai
Duration 2 Years
  • Diploma
  • Navi mumbai
  • Duration:
    2 Years


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Starts Location
On request
Navi Mumbai
Sector 15, Plot no 50 , CBD Belapur, 400614, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
Navi Mumbai
Sector 15, Plot no 50 , CBD Belapur, 400614, Maharashtra, India
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· Requirements

M.B.B.S with 1 year compulsory internship

Course programme

Course Content
A. - Anatomy & Physiology of Ear, Nose & Throat and esophagus.
- The ears and nasal sinuses in the aerospace environment
- Physiological consideration of pressure effects on the ear and sinuses in deep water
- The generation and reception of speech
- Radiographic anatomy of the ear, nose, throat and imaging.
- Bacteriology in relation to Otorhinolaryngology.
- Allergy and rhinitis
- The principles of cancer immunology with particular reference to head and neck cancer.
- Principles of chemotherapy in head and neck caner.
- Haematology in relation to Otolaryngology
- Anaesthesia for Otolaryngology
- Pharmacology of drugs used in ENT
- Electrolyte, Fluid balance/shock conditions
- Use of teaching aids
- The Physical and functional examination of the ear.
- The functional and physical examination of the vestibular system.
- Tinnitus
- Infections of external ear
- Repair of deformities f the external ear.
- Congenital conditions of the middle ear cleft.
- Traumatic conductive deafness
- Acute inflammation of the middle ear cleft.
- Non-suppurative otitis media.
- Chronic suppurative otitis media
- Management of Chronic superlative otitis media.
- Complications of infections of middle ear.
- Tumors of the middle ear cleft and temporal bone
- Diseases of the otic capsule-otosclerosis
- Diseases of the otic capsule-other diseases
- The deaf child
- Examination of the nose
- Conditions of the external nose
- Injuries of the facial skeleton
- Cosmetic surgery of the nose
- Congenital diseases of the nose
- The nasal septum
- Foreign bodies in the nose, rhinolith
- Epistaxis
- Acute chronic inflammations of the nasal cavities.
- Vasomotor rhinitis-allergic and non-allergic
- Nasal polyposis
- Abnormalities of smell
- Acute sinusitis
- Chronic sinusitis
- Methods of examinations of the mouth and pharynx
- Diseases of the mouth
- Diseases of the salivary glands
- Pharyngeal lesions associated with general diseases.
- Diseases of the tonsils and adenoids (excluding nepolasms)
- Tumors of the pharynx
- Hypopharyngeal diverticulum (Pharyngeal Pouch)
- Oesophageal conditions in the practice of ear, nose and throat surgery.
- Methods of examining and larynx and tracheobronchial tree
- Congenital diseases of the larynx.
- Laryngeal disorders in singers and other voice users.
- Neurological affections of larynx and pharynx
- Disorders of speech
- Functional Anatomy of cerebellum and brainstem
- Cranial nerves
- Raised intracranial tension-cause, diagnosis, management with particular reference to
otitis hydrocephalus
- Head injuries and I.C. Haemorrhage.
- Pituitary gland, anatomy, physiology hypo and hyper pituitarism, new growths.
- Intracranial venous sinuses and their affections.

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