Diploma in Professional Web Developer with PHP

In Vadodara

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Important information

Typology Diploma
Location Vadodara
Duration 6 Months
  • Diploma
  • Vadodara
  • Duration:
    6 Months


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
B-108, Manubhai Tower, Opp. M.S University, Sayajigung, Gujarat, India
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Starts On request
B-108, Manubhai Tower, Opp. M.S University, Sayajigung, Gujarat, India
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Course programme

This program is developed to provide delegates the information to build up or keep H.T.M.L. or P.H.P. codes that make use of the My S.Q.L. Data-base system.
The main objectives of the program are that, on finishing point of the program the delegates will have superior realistic information on writing triumphant H.T.M.L. or P.H.P. codes by proficient use of a My S.Q.L. data-base. The candidates will study the following:
• Installation and Testing of My S.Q.L.
• Basics relating to S.Q.L. Syntax
• Connecting to My S.Q.L. Data-base with Error-Checking
• By victorious use of P.H.P. to contact with My S.Q.L. Data-base
• Utilization of P.H.P. with the H.T.M.L. Environments
• Working with E-mail and Cookies
• Considering Security Implications when utilizing P.H.P. and My S.Q.L.
The program is mainly designed for creating web based system by use of P.H.P. and My S.Q.L.
The contents of the program are enumerated as follows:
1. Preface to P.H.P. with MY S.Q.L.
• Management and Program Material
• Program Structures and Agendas
• Delegates and Trainers prologue
2. My S.Q.L.
• Install My S.Q.L.
• Test of My S.Q.L.
3. Basics of S.Q.L. Statement
• Create Database and Table
• Insert Data into Tables
• View Tables
• Updating
• Dropping
4. Connect to My S.Q.L.
• mysql_connect
• mysql_error
• mysql_select_db
• Die
5. Use of P.H.P. to Performing Data-base Function
• Insert Data into a Data-base
• Create Query
• Execute Query
• Process the Returned Query-Data
• Update the Data-base
6. Generate H.T.M.L. by use of P.H.P.
• P.H.P. in the H.T.M.L.
• H.T.M.L. Forms with entrenched P.H.P.
• Multiples of H.T.M.L. Pages or Forms with P.H.P.
7. E-mail and Cookies by use of P.H.P.
• Generate E-mail with use of P.H.P.
• Generate Cookies by use of P.H.P.
• Use of Cookies
8. P.H.P. and Data-base Security
• Design the Data-base
• Connect to the Data-base
• Encrypt the Storage-Model
• S.Q.L. Injections
• Security-Technique
• Error-Reports
• User Submition
The main contents of the S.A.D. are as follows:
Chapter-1 - Understand the software
Chapter-2 - Get Commenced with Projects
Chapter-3 - Software-Requirement-Specification
Chapter-4 - Feasible Learning
Chapter-5 - Project-Estimation
Chapter-6 - Ralls and accountability
Chapter-7 - Merge all Organization Task
Chapter-8 - Project-Models
Chapter-9 - Applications of Model
Chapter-10 - Data Handling in Projects (E.R.D., D.F.D.)
Chapter-11 - Various Figures
Chapter-12 - Project Analyzing
Chapter-13 - Work with live-application
Chapter-14 - Develop Business Object
Chapter-15 - Design the Standard
Chapter-16 - Code Standard
Chapter-17 - Code-Testing
Chapter-18 - Deployment
Chapter-19 - Project-testing
Chapter-20 - Maintening
The program consists of live-projects, which is a 6-months program. There are no fixed timings with no certain batches

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