Diploma in Web Developer with ASP.NET

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Important information

Typology Diploma
Location Vadodara
Duration 6 Months
  • Diploma
  • Vadodara
  • Duration:
    6 Months


Where and when

Starts Location
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B-108, Manubhai Tower, Opp. M.S University, Sayajigung, Gujarat, India
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Starts On request
B-108, Manubhai Tower, Opp. M.S University, Sayajigung, Gujarat, India
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Course programme

This program helps the delegate in becoming superior web-developer in Baroda and get good placement as a professional in the industry. Organizations that are in the dot-com industry, determine the worth of a superior web-designer. So it is very much advisable to get into this profession to get bright future and placement at a good level in the industry. The basic outlook of the program:
• Web-Page Designing
• Flash
• Photoshop
• Cascading-Style-Sheets (C.S.S.)
Level-1: Web Designing Program

It is an ideal vocation selection as it includes creativity as well as professionalism. Web-designing involves the designer to have artistic intellect as well as recognize the likes and dislikes of the spectator.
• Layouts of a website while creating by use of Photoshop
• Logo-designs for websites
• Introducing to H.T.M.L. or C.S.S.
• H.T.M.L. tags
• C.S.S. features
• Webpage coding by use of H.T.M.L., D.H.T.M.L. and C.S.S.
• Basic of Java-Script
• Web2.0 designing guidelines
• Introducing to the Dream-weaver

Level-2: Preface to the Desk-Top-Publication (D.T.P.)
• Corel-Draw
Corel-Draw is an instinctive and adaptable graphics application for making superior-quality vector illustration, logo-designs, and page-layouts.
• Photoshop
Adobe-Photoshop is renowned image-editing software that assists a work environment that is consistent with Adobe-Illustrator, Adobe In-Design, Adobe Image-Ready, and other elements in the Adobe-Creative-Suite.
• Flash
Flash is important equipment that designers and developers use to make presentation, application, and other contents that enable the user-interaction. Flash assignments can comprise uncomplicated animations, video-content, complex-presentations, application, and all the things there in it.
Level 3: ASP.NET Teaching Program in BIT with Lively Assignments
ASP.NET is a subsequent cohort edition of Microsoft's A.S.P. At the starting, after the commencement of the Internet, web-pages were mainly stagnant and had to be physically rationalized in case of any change. A stage to build up lively Web-Pages that would upgrade involuntarily had turn out to be the requirement of the hour. Microsoft primary brought A.S.P. to decipher this trouble. However, as applications grew larger and further multifaceted the need for structural design was needed, which would assist application-development in a structured manner. Microsoft .NET framework was brought up with ASP.NET program and it made simple the way web applications were made.
1.1 ASP.NET as Front-End-Tool

Part-I - ASP.NET Basic
Chapter-1 - Understand the .NET Frame-work
Chapter-2 - Get Commenced with ASP.NET
Chapter-3 - Build Forms with Web-Controls
Chapter-4 - Use of Rich Web Control
Chapter-5 - Create and Use of Custom Control
Chapter-6 - Validate User-Input
Chapter-7 - Debug ASP.NET Pages

Part II - ASP.NET Database-Programming
Chapter-8 - Introduce ADO.NET
Chapter-9 - Understand Data-Binding
Chapter-10 - Work with Data-Grids (grid-view, form-view, detail-view, list-view)
Chapter-11 - Use of Templates
Chapter-12 - Use of S.Q.L. Server with ASP.NET

Part III - Advanced ASP.NET
Chapter-13 - ASP.NET Applications Configurations
Chapter-14 - Develop Business Object
Chapter-15 - Build H.T.T.P. Handlers
Chapter-16 - Understand Caching
Chapter-17 - ASP.NET Security
Chapter-18 - Localize ASP.NET Application
Chapter-19 - Deploy ASP.NET Application

Part IV - Build Web-Services
Chapter-20 - Preface to Web-Services
Chapter-21 - Web-Services Infrastructures
Chapter-22 - Understand S.O.A.P.
Chapter-23 - Build a Web-Service
Chapter-24 - Deploy and Publish Web-Services
Chapter-25 - Find Web-Services
Chapter-26 - Consume Web-Services

Part V - Build ASP.NET Application
Chapter-27 - ASP.NET Basics of Implementation
Chapter-28 - Chat Discussions Forums
Chapter-29 - Assignment Selected by Candidate
Chapter-30 - Testing of information (Assignments or Interview-Questions)
Level-5: S.Q.L. server content:
Chapter 1 - Understand the D.B.M.S. Concept
Chapter 2 - Get Commenced with R.D.B.M.S. loom
Chapter 3 - D.D.L.
Chapter 4 - D.M.L.
Chapter 5 - Joining, Relational-Algebra, Ways to indicate joins
Chapter 6 - Primary-Key, Foreign-Key constraint
Chapter 7 - Referential-Integrity-Constraint
Chapter 8 - Managing further than one-table
Chapter 9 - View
Chapter 10 - Function
Chapter 11 - Trigger
Chapter 12 - Indexation
Chapter 13 - Transaction-Management
Chapter 14 - Managing Complete Data-base
Chapter 15 - Normalizing
Chapter 16 - Work with live-application
Chapter 17 - Security
Chapter 18 - Privileges (Grant , Revoke-Permissions)
Chapter 19 - Assignment
Chapter 20 - Interview-Questions
Level-6: Project-Training as per provided by the institution.

The duration of the program is 6-months with flexible timings and there are no batches

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