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      The Science of Acting

      The Directing Course

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      The Science of Acting
      In London (England)
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      Typology Course
      Location London (England)
      Class hours 45h
      Duration 3 Years
      Start 30/09/2019
      • Course
      • London (England)
      • 45h
      • Duration:
        3 Years
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      Directing is one of the most complicated and fascinating of all the arts. Become a prepared and creative director with this new course on Emagister platform!

      Learn how to direct requires dedication and preparation but it can also lead to a very rewarding career! In order to become a successful director, you must first thoroughly understand the creative process of the actor, and learn to act well. For this reason, at the Kogan Academy of Dramatic Arts the Directing course runs alongside the Acting programme, and your course will begin in the second year of study.

      But the best part is yet to come. During the last year of your Directing course you will get the chance to become a real director, producing and directing your final graduation production!

      Do not miss this incredible opportunity! Visit and start your adventure as a director!

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      What are the course objectives?

      Train to become a professional director

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      Starts Location
      08 Apr 2019
      01 Jul 2019
      637 Holloway Road, Dwell House, 1st Floor, London, England
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      30 Sep 2019
      637 Holloway Road, Dwell House, 1st Floor, London, England
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      Starts 08 Apr 2019
      01 Jul 2019
      637 Holloway Road, Dwell House, 1st Floor, London, England
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      Starts 30 Sep 2019
      637 Holloway Road, Dwell House, 1st Floor, London, England
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      Reviews on this course

      Visoiu Marius Robert
      What I would highlight: value for money.
      What could be improved: 8.
      Course taken: December 2018
      Would you recommend this centre?: yes
      Sindri Svan
      What I would highlight: In 2009, I moved from Iceland to London to pursue a career in acting. Kogan Academy helped reached my goals and the Science of Acting was brilliant, very approachable, concise and clear. Thanks to that I had the chance to work on several different, always amazing, characters! Furthermore, the Academy runs a directing course that you can follow alongside the acting course, giving you the opportunity to act and direct your own work! I will never thank enough Kogan Academy for this invaluable experience!
      What could be improved: nothing to improve
      Course taken: March 2017
      Would you recommend this centre?: yes
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      What you'll learn on the course

      Theatre Studies
      Art Direction
      Film Production
      Film Directing
      Film Editing
      Sound Effects
      Theatre Management
      Acting skills
      Acting Excercises
      Acting Course

      Course programme

      Course Information 

      1st Year

      During the first year at the Academy you will study acting only.

      2nd & 3rd Year

      In the second and third years, you will develop your artistic talent through producing an increasingly complex set of exercises, while also studying subjects such as lighting & sound, stage design, History of Theatre, Art & Music, Administration and many others.

      You will direct pieces from include wide variety of genres, and including short plays, self-adaptations of short stories and fairy tales, Modern text, Chekhov, Shakespeare, Musicals and Opera.

      4th Year

      The last year of study for a director is dedicated to directing a full length, fully produced stage play. Directing and organising a full-scale production is the ultimate directing exercise at the Academy. It includes choosing a play, designing, casting, budgeting, publicity, lighting, applying for a license, supervising public performances, taking and giving notes, and so on.