Documentary Collections Program

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Typology Course
Methodology Online
Duration 1 Month
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  • Online
  • Duration:
    1 Month


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Course programme

This program will be particularly helpful for bank employee who works in the compilation section of a Bank.

Program summary
This program provide a comprehensive intro to the URC- 522 which deal with Documentary Collection. The program provide detail study of provision of URC-522, & thorough perceptive of document use in global trade.

Program Syllabus:

Element 1: Consistent Rule for Collection

* Common Intro

Session aim:

* Intro
* Certification & Payment Rule
* UCP-500 v/s URC-522
* Process for consistent Rule for compilation
* Lesson synopsis
* Evaluation


Session Aim:

* Collection
* Document
* Principals
* Remit, collect & present Bank
* Draw
* Lesson synopsis
* Evaluation

Process of Collection

Session Aim

* Conformity
* Implementation of Contracts
* Instance of a Documentary compilation
* Altering Practice
* Lesson synopsis
* Evaluation

Common Note on Compilation

Session Aim

* Documentary obligation
* Objective of Party to Transaction
* Payment Consideration
* Advantage & Disadvantage to Buyer & Seller
* Lesson synopsis
* Evaluation

Element Two-Trade Document under Microscopes

Kinds of Document

Session Aim

* Remittance Schedule
* Drafts
* Profitable Invoice
* Certificate of beginning
* Insurance Documents
* Inspections Certificates
* Transports Document
* Multimodal Transports Documents
* Air Transport Documents
* Courier Receipts
* Packing Lists & Weight Lists
* SGS's Certificates
* Freight Certificates
* Shipping Company Certificates
* Lesson synopsis
* Evaluation

Clarification of standardized Rule for Collection

Session Aim

* Intro
* Article of URC-522
* Forms & Structures of compilation
* Forms of Presentations
* Liability & Responsibility
* Payment
* Interest, Charge & Expense
* Other Provision
* General Comment
* Lesson synopsis
* Evaluation

Mastery Assessment

Component Four: Process connected to Letter of Credits

Advise, corroboration & Transfer of LC's

Session Aim

* Advise of Letter of Credits
* Verification of Letter of Credits
* Transmit of Letter of Credits
* Lesson synopsis

Element Three: Accounts for Transactions

Accounts for Collections

Session Aim

* Intro
* Pure Collections
* Advance against Collections
* Purchases of Exports Collections
* Discounts of Exports Collections
* Lesson synopsis
* Evaluation

Element Four Case Study

Element Five Main Masteries

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