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The following course, offered by Career vision, will help you improve your skills and achieve your professional goals. During the program you will study different subjects which are deemed to be useful for those who want to enhance their professional career. Sign up for more information!

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Learn how to plan and set up a website, then dive into creating your first site and learn about CSS and how best to use it in your site. You'll also explore accessibility in tables, writing code, adding media and working with templates. Once you've learned all the ground work and set up your site, Dee will walk you through how to test and upload your site. By the time your are finished with this training, you will have all the skills you need to create and upload your first website.

Course Features

  • Length of Subscription: 12 Months Online On-Demand Access
  • Running Time: 7.8 Hours
  • Platform: Windows & MAC OS
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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Course Outline

1.Touring the Dreamweaver CS5 Environment
2.Setting Preferences

Chapter 2: PLANNING A WEBSITE   (32 min) 
1.Ways to Plan a Site Design
2.Sizing & Measurements
3.Exploring the Benefits of Using CSS
4.Understanding CSS

Chapter 3: CREATING YOUR FIRST WEBSITE   (46 min) 
1.Exploring Folder Structure
2.Setting Up a New Site
3.Adding Files & Folders to Your Site
4.Looking at HTML Page Structure
5.Adding Metadata Tags & Using Code Hinting
6.Defining Page Properties

Chapter 4: FONTS & TEXT ON THE WEB   (31 min) 
1.Choosing Web Fonts
2.Inserting & Formatting Text & Tabular Data
3.Creating Named Anchors
4.Relative, Absolute & Email Links
5.Working with Ordered, Unordered & Definition Lists

Chapter 5: IMAGES, ROLLOVERS & HOTSPOTS   (44 min) 
1.Exploring the Assets Panel
2.Inserting Images
3.Optimizing Photoshop® Smart Objects
4.Cropping & Editing Images within Dreamweaver
5.Creating Basic & Swap Image Rollovers
6.Setting Up Image Maps & Hotspots

Chapter 6: INTRODUCTION TO CSS   (92 min) 
1.Why We Use CSS
2.Understanding the Box Model
3.Working with Style Sheets
4.Using the CSS Styles Panel & Properties Inspector
5.Exploring CSS Rule Definition Options
6.About Class Styles & Selectors
7.Formatting & Styling with a Background Image
8.Applying CSS to a Page Layout

Chapter 7: WORKING WITH CSS   (52 min) 
1.Creating a New CSS Starter Page
2.Creating Selectors & Inspect Mode
3.Creating Selectors for Links & Footers
4.Setting Up Navigational Items
5.Positioning Items
6.Changing Styles, Disabling CSS & Creating Blockquote

1.Understanding Tables
2.Tables & Accessibility
3.Styling a Table with CSS

Chapter 9: WRITING HTML & CSS   (40 min) 
1.Working in Code View
2.Writing HTML with Code Hints
3.Writing CSS in Code View
4.Adjusting the Layout with Float in CSS
5.Working with Visual Aids & Inspecting the CSS

Chapter 10: ADDING INTERACTIVITY   (41 min) 
1.Inserting a Flash® Video File
2.Inserting a .SWF
3.Adding Behaviors
4.Setting Up Form Fields
5.Using Spry Menus & Tabs

Chapter 11: USING TEMPLATES   (24 min) 
1.Creating a New Template
2.Creating a Library Item
3.Creating New Editable Regions
4.Creating a New Page from a Template
5.Working with WordPress® inside of Dreamweaver

Chapter 12: TESTING & PUBLISHING A WEBSITE   (19 min) 
1.Using the Find and Replace Command
2.Testing & Fixing Links
3.Publishing a Website
4.Generating Site Reports