Dual Degree in Biotechnology

Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
In Noida

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Important information

Typology Bachelor
Location Noida
Duration 5 Years
  • Bachelor
  • Noida
  • Duration:
    5 Years


Where and when

Starts Location
On request
A-10,Sector-62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, 201307, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Starts On request
A-10,Sector-62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, 201307, Uttar Pradesh, India
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Course programme

Curriculum has been carefully designed to meet the objectives as mentioned earlier. We understand that in order to cater the demands of the market and meet the challenges of the future the curriculum is subjected to change.

Semester 1

1 PD Elective-I
2 DE-I
5 07M11BT101
6 08B71BT905 Project Part I

List of courses for PD Elective-I

1 07B71PD601 Entrepreneurial Development
2 07B71PD602 Managing & Marketing Technology
3 07B71PD401 Engineering Statistics

Typical List of some Departmental Elective Subjects for DE-I, DE-II and DE-III

1 07B71BT401 Biochemical and Molecular Biology calculations
2 07B71BT402 Biocomputing and Applications
3 07B71BT403 Biomaterials
4 07B71BT404 Clinical Trials and Database management
5 07B71BT405 Computer Aided Drug Design
6 07B71BT406 Environmental Biotechnology
7 07B71BT407 Immunotechnology
8 07B71BT408 Microbial Ecology and Diversity
9 07B71BT409 Molecular Diagnostics
10 07B71BT410 Plant Biotechnology
11 07B71BT411 Process Analysis and Design
12 07B71BT412 Protein Modelling
13 07B71BT413 Safety and Hazard management
14 07B71BT414 Stem Cells and Healthcare
15 07B71BT415 Techno Economic BioFeasibility

Semester 2

1 PD Elective-II
3 DE-V
5 07M21BT105 Metabolic Engineering
6 08B81BT906 Project Part II

List of courses for PD Elective-II

1 07B81PD108 Knowledge Management
2 08B81PD404 Quality Issues in Engineering

Typical List of some Departmental Elective Subjects for DE-IV, DE-V and DE-VI

1 07B81BT417 Animal Tissue Culture
2 07B81BT418 Bioterrorism
3 07B81BT419 Cancer Biology,
4 07B81BT420 Cell & Tissue engineering
5 07B81BT421 Industrial Enzymes
6 07B81BT422 Integrated Systems Biology
7 07B81BT423 Intellectual property Rights and Bioethics
8 07B81BT424 Manufacturing processes and Quality control
9 07B81BT425 Pharmacogenomics
10 07B81BT426 Protein Engineering and Applications
11 07B81BT427 Rhizospheric Biotechnology
12 07B81BT428 Machine Learning Tools in Bioinformatics

semester 3

1 07D31BT901 Dual degree M.Tech Project Part-I
2 07D31BT911 Seminar

Semester 4

1 07M11BT102 Diseases and Healthcare
2 07M11BT103 IPR and Patent Law
3 07M11BT104 Research methodology and Data validation
4 DE-I
6 07D41BT902 Dual degree M.Tech project Part-II

Typical List of some Departmental Elective Subjects for DE-I and DE-II

1 07M31BT410 Antibody engineering and Manufacturing techniques
2 07M31BT411 Bioprocess Technology
3 07M31BT412 Molecular Imaging
4 07M31BT413 Phylogenomics
5 07M31BT414 Gene Therapy

Semester 5

1 07M21BT106 Bioremediation
2 07M21BT107 Chemoinformatics
3 07M21BT108 Diagnostics
6 07D51BT903 Dual degree M.Tech project Part-III

Typical List of some Departmental Elective Subjects for DE-III and DE-IV

1 07M41BT416 Advanced Biomaterials
2 07M41BT417 Bioalgorithms and Machine Learning Tools
3 07M41BT418 Biosensors
4 07M41BT419 Metabolomics
5 07M41BT420 Protein targeting in Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
6 07M41BT421 Vaccines
7 07M41BT422 Gene Cloning
8 07M41BT423 NanoBiotechnology
9 08M21BT401 Pharmaceutical Genetics

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