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Location Panjim
Duration 1 Day
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  • Panjim
  • Duration:
    1 Day


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203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Starts On request
203, Prema Building, Rua de Ourem, Goa, India
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Course programme

What you are talking it is may be significant, but what is way of talking - it is makes the difference!

How can you become a successful person- by your effective communication! Our Communication Skills program will teach you effective communicating skills

This Effective Communication program is very near with our Personality Development program, but the main concentrate and emphasis is on COMMUNICATION SKILLS. The logical system is very easy - you can become a excellent communicator, but without a pleasant personality to back you up, you can fall flat on your face.

PERSONALITY - Which makes us how we are!

After attain our success program you can change you life and be a successful person


Effective communication skills are vital in every organization. Learn to communicate with more self-confidence and personal impact with our Communication Skills program

* Are you ready to talk with more confidence?

* Do you want to use body language to your advantage?

* Do you want to succeed in your future interview?

* Want to have more impression at work?

Communication skills are most important and are essential to professional achievements. Good, confident communicating may create or break a person. You can have great impression upwards as well. It is therefore essential to know how to persuade a private level. Managing confrontation, making relationships, hearing and querying abilities are included in this practical and vastly good program.

This Communications Skills program gives candidates with the chance to learn how communication is work and how we can communicate with confidently and effectively, our program instruct you all skills of good communications.

You'll see what works on how to communicate, what gets in the way you think is most effective, and then a series of tools and methods to assist you become more skilled and confident. Our Communication Skills program provides candidates with the opportunity to become all round better communicators.

This training program is full of practical exercises and discussion that will provide you the abilities to manage difficult and complicated conditions and give you more choices in how to communicate with others.


* Understand how communicating works

* Communicating in a professional way

* Acquire skills of active listening and responding

* Visualizing things from other points of view

* Management of taking more effective

* Managing difficult situations

* Developing behavioral flexibility

* Description of your own strengths

* How else can see

* As for body language

* Increased confidence

* Complicated peoples or Conditions

From looking at the effect on our ability to listen, to the creation of the first and lasting impression that we select, We have a range of exercises which experiment with the effects of variations of tone that can really make a difference.

Eye Contact

One of our most vital communication skills is eye contact and its effect upon the communications dynamic. Back to the situations again, but we do with those persons who avoid looking at us directly or to those persons who seem to look too long? Let's find out what happens when we deny or intensify our contact with the eyes in communications difficult. We will be looking for those small changes to our words, tone and body language that might make a big difference next time.

Complicated Conditions

Throughout the day candidates will have implemented some of the exercises to their daily life experiences. When we have extra time could also be re-created communications when they were not satisfied with the result.

The idea is that we will resort to any of the tools and methods covered in the program. Working to your strengths

Almost everyone will give a brief description of what they already do we know works on them. You will then have the opportunity to reflect on how others see them through the reviews of others.


The final exercise is that every candidate to develop a personal action plan, identifying staff to carry out the program, where they know they will practice and areas for development. Good Communication Skills training program will assist you express yourself more effectively, have more influence with your co-workers and appear more confident in front of others.

This training program is very practical, interactive program. You will work both individually and in small groups in a variety of vocal and practical practices, interactive discussions and role plays throughout the day.

So now, what is so different in our training program ?

* It is not just a program - one of his workshop
* It is highly interactive
* You will participate in a lot of practical exercises
* You improve new skills, not only learn the theory.

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