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NH-7, Namakkal - Karur Main Road,, 637207, Tamil Nadu, India
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NH-7, Namakkal - Karur Main Road,, 637207, Tamil Nadu, India
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BE in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

In modern industries automatic controllers are preferred to increase the rate of production and quality. This automatic control is based on number of variables, which are to be manipulated for the effective process. These variables can be manipulated through measurements. Instrumentation emerges here.
Instrumentation is the philosophy based on the principle that, before a condition can be controlled, it must be measured.
It is also based on the logic "if you control it manually you should control it automatically."
All industries rely on automation. And instruments play a major role in automation.
Instrumentation engineering deals with different types of control process. This along with instrumentation forms automation.
Genius chooses Instrumentation Engineering because Instrumentation controls all the industries. And the Instrumentation Engineers are the need of all the industries.
Electronics integrated with instrumentation gives proper understanding of functions of all the devices in the field of electronics and instrumentation. This combination makes it easier for an engineer to better understand the process and controlling it.
The instrumentation engineers study practically in the labs such as
Sensors & Transducer lab
Process Control Lab
Industrial Instrumentation Lab
Computer Control Lab
VI & Simulation Lab
Sensors & Transducer Engineering:
Transducer is used to convert one form of energy to another form. The Sensors & Transducer lab is equipped with several transducers enabling students to appreciate the functioning of temperature, pressure, sound, speed, etc., sensors. Load cells and vibration pick up sensors have also been provided.
Process Control Lab:
Process Control Lab gives practical idea of processes that are carried out in industries, with the help of small modules.
Industrial Instrumentation Lab:
This lab deals with the study of different types of instruments used for measurement in industries.
Computer Control Lab:
In this lab the engineers are taught with the process of controlling the process from remote places with the help of PLC, DCS, SCADA and control software.
VI & Simulation Lab:
This is the lab which helps the students to develop a complete controlling strategies of various plants to control them by making fine tuning of the controllers virtually by using software like Labview and Matlab..

Major Subjects:
Transducer Engineering
Control system
Electronic instrumentation
Industrial instrumentation - I
Industrial instrumentation - II
Biomedical instrumentation
Analytical instrumentation
Electrical machines
Electronic circuits
Computer Control of Process
VLSI design
Computer network and distributed control systems
Electrical Measurements & Instruments
Power Electronics
Microprocessor and Microcontroller
Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
Embedded Systems
Process Dynamics and Control
Virtual Instrumentation
Digital Signal Processing
Elective subjects::
Fiber optics and laser instruments
Advanced control system
Robotics and Automation
Instrumentation System design
Remote Sensing
Adaptive Control Theory
Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
Digital Image Processing
Digital System Design
Operating Systems
Instrumentation and Control in Paper Industries
Instrumentation and Control in Paper Industries
Instrumentation and Control in Cement and steel Industries
Automobile and Aircraft Instrumentation
Power Plant Instrumentation

Career Opportunities: :
Instrumentation Engineers have found Jobs in India and abroad. Many entrepreneurs from the industries come every year to absorb our technocrats for placements in their industries and we are proud to learn that all of them are doing well.

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