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An English Language school with a difference......

•To us each student is an individual ... his needs are unique .They require that extra something to make them feel special in the class.
•Learning to speak English is not just about being good at your grammar....It also requires to help make the Learners begin to shed that inhibition first that holds them from saying what they already know but lack the confidence to say it.
•We ensure, while the students work on their grammar skills they begin to converse right from the first session. They are made to do it through easy methods.
•We hold Personality Development sessions too for those, who need to work on some specific areas of their personality.
•For the parents who are experiencing difficult times with their teenaged children and are unable to deal with it, we hold Counseling sessions for Teenagers to help them manage their anger and stress related with these years. Our sessions with them have brought remarkable results. We know the Teenagers inside out. You as parents need to understand them too.
•For school students, after school classes in English to develop in them that bright spark that will help them to stand out among their peers. Creative writing skills spoken skills to make their presence felt at school events.