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Location Mumbai
Duration 5 Days
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  • Mumbai
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    5 Days


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201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

The "E.R.S.M." stage program is permitted by the DG of Shipping, Govt of India & is carried out on the P.P.T.2000 formulated by Nor-control, Norway.
This program is designed to communicate & sharpen the preservation & watch-keeping capability of Marine Engineer who are hopeful to shine in their vocation at the Management levels. The P.P.T. is outfitted with 3 various current model of Main Engines that is. B.&.W (L.M.C.), Sulzer (R.T.A.) & Pielstick fitted in U.M.S. Class Engine Rooms.
The candidates are out to the newest complicated equipments. The Engine Room system are in full swing & functioned in a systematic manners, in accordance with laid down process & security guideline.
Theories lecture are formulated base on functional process & are accompanied up by hands-on exercise on the simulators. Aspirants are then able to check the alterations in different parameter in the Engine rooms. Much contact is offered in the arena of recognition of fault & succeeding trouble-shooting of the same.
Program Target:
By the end of the program, candidate will be in a position to:
· Be intimate with the uses of instrument & parameter used in Engine Rooms of current merchant vessels
· formulate greater consciousness of right previous designing & the use of check-list of the time scale incorporated start-up process
· formulate a greater realization & consciousness of right watch-keeping process
· realizing the inter-dependency of different machineries
· Gaining experiences in recognizing functional problem & trouble-shooting them
· Improving on their decision making capabilities with respect to security & effectual plants function.
· Make a better & more effectual contributions to the operations of ships machineries installations.
· Be able to analyse the alterations in different parameter & effectually take essential actions to restore normal surroundings.
The program is suitable for:
It is a compulsory program for all Engineer who are setting up to sit for M.E.O. Class II Exam of Marine Engineer.

Program Syllabus:
· familiarity with the Nor-control Simulators & all associated Automation panel like power chiefs (Generator Controls), Auto Chief primary Engine Controls & Information Chiefs & others
· Familiarity with Engine Room system & sub system.
· Start up process of different system in the Engine Rooms with right process & securuity guideline.
· Electrical power generations & distribution systems on boards the ships. Parallel operations & load share of Aux. Engines in various mode.
· Beginning of the major Engines from Emergency control stands, Control Rooms & Bridges. Auto Chief controls for the chief Engines-the speed set signal flows from fuels lever to Governors & different in-built loads or speed limit program that is. torque limits, thermal indexes, scavenge air pressure limiters, crucial R.P.M. & setting & different slow downs or shut downs security parameter.
· Descriptions of shaft generators, operations & work. Familiarity of the "power takes off" & "power takes in" modes & setting useable in the P.T.I. modes-demonstrations of above on simulators. Operations of shaft generators in "power takes in" modes with excess electrical powers available.
· "Scenario" - which comprises of the injections of mal-function at pre-determined interval into the Engine Rooms different systems & candidates responses or actions talked about on conclusion of the scene
· examine indicator card at time of Cylinder mal-functions-injections of different fault like former or late timings, Leaky fuel injectors or Exhaust valve, crack liners, worning out or broken piston ring & equating with normal conditions. The consequence of different mal-functions- over powers generated & fuel consumptions. Alteration of Fuel qualities setting with variations in particular gravity of H.F.O. use & it's consequence on chief Engines Parameter.
· Explaining Hydraulic governors work principles, consequence of various droop setting on Governors. Demonstrating of droop setting alterations on Simulators & settings of the Governor compensations.
· Explaining fundamental controllers work principles. Functioning principles of Proportionals, Integrals & Derivatives control in a P.I.D. Controllers. Tuning of P.I.D. Controllers using Ziegler Nicholos methodology. Carrying out the exercises on tuning on different controller install in Simulators.

These program are permitted by DGS. (Government. of India)

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