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Typology Course
Location Banglore
Class hours 35h
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# 410, 5th 'A' Cross, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar,, 43, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
# 410, 5th 'A' Cross, 2nd Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar,, 43, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

This course has been designed for applicants who have the knowledge of English but aren't sufficiently exposed to it. The classes and practices have been designed to match their requirements.

How to Meet People
- How to greet people & respond to their greeting - phrases like hello, how are you, I am fine.
- How to introduce yourself & others - saying your name, where does one belong, what does one do?
- How to ask questions - What is your name? What do you do? Where do you belong?

My Family

o Use of Noun for people: girl, boy, baby, man, woman,
o Noun used for family member - child, parents, children father, mother, daughter, son, sister, brother, husband, wife
o Adjective used with ages - young, old, teenaged, little, younger and older

How to Ask Questions

o The verb form to be.
o The negative form of the verb to be
o How to Ask Questions
o Correcting people.
o Negatives (isn't, aren't)
o Yes/no answers

Colours Around You

Holiday Getaway
o General way of describing things
o Descriptive sentence with There is, there are, there isn't, there aren't
o Some, any, a lot of, lots of
o Questions starting with:
o Is there?
o Are there?
o How many?

Sweet Home
o Features of homes & other buildings that people live in
o Types of rooms & the furniture used in each room
o Objects of everyday use in homes & other buildings
o Noting down addresses & phone numbers properly

It is My Life

o How to talk about what people do & do not do.
o Action words in the present
o Positive & negative expression, for example do not and does not, with I he, she, it
o Simple words using like, usually & sometimes
o Verbs like listen, exercise, walk, lift, eat,

Food For Thought
o General sorts of food: rice, bread, eggs, cereal, meat carrot, tomato, banana curd cabbage, mushroom, orange, apple, grapes,fish, , milk,cake, oil, meats chocolate
o Food group - cereals, vegetables, fruit & fats.
o the uses of the action word '

To Ask What People Do

o Training to ask people about what they do
o To make questions starting with What, When, Why, Who, Where, Which
o Frame Yes or No questions to draw out positive or negative answer.
o Make easy sentences about your normal routine

To Buy Things
o Language to buy things at a shop
o To raise questions about place & direction of places
o Ask question to get knowledge about products - size, price,colour and flavour
o Word of comparison - small, too-big, nicer, better,
o New phrases: near by

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