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"Hyper growth is putting huge pressure on companies… the biggest challenge facing us going forward is dealing with the challenge of internal growth. In the current environment, there is always the fear that jobs grow faster than the person doing them – that is why we spend inordinate amounts of time on leadership development." ~ Ravi Venkatesan, Chairman, Microsoft India

ePaD helps participants realize their untapped leadership potential and explore it for constructive usage- both for personal excellence and achieving organizational vision and goals. We recognize the fact that the people must change their behaviour in order to increase their effectiveness and contribution to self & organization. The process focuses on participants to set and achieve goals ( both personal & organizational), become self – motivated and develop positive self-image.



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Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
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Teachers and trainers (1)

Shyam  Taneja

Shyam Taneja

Founder- Unnati Institute of Potential Exploration

Shyam Taneja. Mission of Life: “Touch a Life; make a Difference” Graduate in Science from Rajasthan University, I worked as a teacher in a school for a year before getting into University of Roorkee( now IIT). I completed my degree in Electrical Engineering with Honours. I joined NDDB as a graduate trainee and left it 23 years later as Managing Director of its subsidiary namely Hindustan Packaging, By virtue of attending MDP, I happen to be Alumnus IIM, Ahmedabad. For more than a decade now, I am working with Unnati Institute of Potential Exploration.

Course programme

ePaD Process

The process begins with taking a Focus Goal of the organisation/institution. It is followed by clarification and setting of goals. Professional Goals are set in the direction of the given Focus Goal of the organisation/institution. Participants are encouraged to set personal goals in order to help them become a Complete Person.

Through insightful tools and facilitation, participants are facilitated to crystallise their thinking and schedule specific action steps to achieve their goals and visions for taking up and managing leadership positions future.

Participants develop skills of Leadership, Leveraging, Communication Self-Management, Team – Development and Team – Management, Goal Setting, Prioritisation, Delegation, Effective Group Interactions, Public Speaking, and being a Complete Person.

ePaD is a dynamic process that is on-going and offers long-term dividends for participants and their organisation. Participants begin immediate application of leadership techniques designed to help them change their behaviour and develop habits necessary to achieve predetermined goals.

Action-oriented sessions are held on a weekly basis to share experiential learning and behavioural / attitudinal changes that produce measurable results.

ePaD Leadership Development

Rs 50001-60000