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Welcome to Everonn Kompass a division of Everonn Education Limited, which has redefined access to quality education by setting up Virtual and Interactive Learning classroom networks across India to deliver affordable quality education. With a strong belief - that the biggest investment that humans can make is in education and learning Everonn Kompass aims at providing a unified collection of industry specific courses and interactive platforms that are devoted to transform learning and education all over India. It is often debated that we are entering the ‘Information Age’, but we prefer to believe that we are entering the ‘Age of Ideas, Talent and Creativity’. With this belief we present the Everonn Kompass. With - centers all across India, Everonn Kompass is guaranteed to stimulate, education, skill development and training programs across the sub-continent.

Everonn Kompass offers programs that are exciting, intellectually challenging and industry specific. These programs offer unique opportunities to students and researchers to contribute not only to the industry verticals but also to the growth of the economy. With the sole objective of renovating the process of learning and skills development, Everonn Kompass aims at developingstudents to be the most sought- after professionals. Be it the highly successful ECCP or the lucrative ECNE, Kompass, with its state-of-the-art learning and development facilities, integrated modules and courses are designed to revive yo

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