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Typology Master
Methodology Online
Duration 2 Years
  • Master
  • Online
  • Duration:
    2 Years

The Experiential MBA Online is focused on the development of the necessary skills and competences to be a manager, businessman or entrepreneur capable of directing and leading organizations within a global scope and a highly competitive environment.

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Synopsis ·
Time Period: Two years· Languages: English or Spanish· Starting dates: March 21st 2011 (English editions) / March 23rd 2011 (Spanish editions)· Educators: La Salle - Ramon Llull University (URL)· Locations: On-line· Degree: Masters

Descriptions : The Experiential M.B.A. On-line is concentrated on the growth of essential skill & competence of managers, businessmen & entrepreneurs able of guiding & leading organisations in an international range & an extremely competitive atmosphere. This teaching method is exclusive for an On-line M.B.A. program because of the truth that theteaching procedure is hundred percent realistic: one labor & discover the way it is handle in actual organisations, all these with a supple timetable that permits the candidate to join his or her jobs, masters program & private life.
Ground-breaking Method: how it works? The Experiential M.B.A. On-line is separated into VI parts (V compulsory module & I electivemodule). At the time of the expansion of all module, the candidate gets absorbed in a business story in which he or she is the central character. This story happens in actual commercial scenario in which even the most minimal feature is replicated; the candidate have to presume a definitive character in the institution & listen his or her bosses & customers request . Ultimately, & with the aid of gradual guidance, various on-line resource, team-mates & guide, the candidate have to intricate administrative document, present advance & guard the acquired result by following a recognized date-book. As in authentic life, the Experiential M.B.A. On-line project have objective & allocated milestone (delivery phrase). By this method, the scenario have a period (from twelve - eighteen weeks) that imitates those of genuine project & that are essential to obtain, founded in the performance & experimentations, the designed skill in every module. The weekly reading hour will count on the earlier acquaintance & information of every candidate in the area that he or she is acquiring. An individual who has no familiarity at all in a existing module have to have a maximal devotion of fifteen - twenty weekly hour, equal to the devotion that any direct M.B.A. program calls for, where the candidate go to the classes & as well offers some learning time to get ready workout or to meet up with his/her team-mates. This weekly devotion also covers meeting with the whole class, & individuals or groups follow-up session with the mentor. These actions are all designed, they do not last more than 3 hour a week & the agendas are dogged with the assistance of the tutors .This is, without a hesitation, a normal functioning method, simple to go after & where the maintenance & straight relations with the mentor permit a steady contacts to resolve doubt & to be aggravated at the time of the program.
Expenses : The sum total of the La Salle Experiential M.B.A. On-line is fifteen thousands Euro (€), to be paid in 3 installments. Yet gratitude to grants from: e-Learning Institute: La Salle I.L.S.T., the first twelve aspirants for this grant will be given a three thousands euro (€) reduction, carrying the final quantity for this Masters to twelve thousands Euro (€). The grant cannot be mixed with any other probable reduction.

Fee & payment term Payment Due Dates Normal Fee Fee with I.L.S.T. Grants (valid for the first twelve locations).1st March 4th 2011 two thousands € € 2nd March 4th 2011 six thousands five hundred euros 3rd February 1st 2012 six thousands five hundred euros

TOTAL: 15.000 € 12.000 €

It is to be noted that in spite of being an on-line program, the no of locations on every program will be restricted in order to certified the value of learning procedure & an sufficient followup of the candidates. Moreover, in order to optimise the teaching procedure, the growth of team-working skill & communicating among candidates, a minimal no of candidates are essential to begin a program

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Comments: Length: 2 years Language: English / Spanish Start date: March 21st 2011 (English edition) / March 23rd 2011 (Spanish edition) Educator: La Salle - Ramon Llull University (URL) Location: Online Type of education: Master

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