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Extol Education Society is top ranking group of institutions in central India with colleges in Arts, Commerce, Management, Computer Science, Biotechnology & Microbiology, Physics & Electronics and Medical & Paramedical Science. Extol Group of Institutes has a total student strength of more than 15000 students coming from 17 states and 9 countries. The Extol Education Group is a part of large business group with companies in the areas of Energy Generation , IT, Electronics, Agro-tech & Plantations and real estate. Extol is also associated with universities in London for students exchange & running their programs in India.Extol Group is highly respected for it academic quality, professional training and excellent job placements. It has one of the best infrastructure facilities sin Central India and is known for its publication in various fields.Extol has been continuously rated as No.1 Institutions group in Professional Higher Education in central India by leading magazines, government rating agencies and policy makers.THE INSTITUTE WITH DIFFERENCE: Extol is the premier Professional College of the Nation. The institute is promoted by the Alumni of Indian Institute of Management, mainly from IIM. Ahmedabad. The Institute has unique advantage of drawing on the culture, values, teaching methodology, techniques and the spirit of excellence. At "EIM", the student gets distinctive advantage of getting the best of Professional Education, that is diffi

EXTOL Institute of Management