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This centre introduces this program to make candidate to gain the basics of filmmaking and the topic related to it. Besides covering the subject of edit parts, centre also focuses on the art of narrating story, grammatical part of film, Sound & music. They include the various kind of editing. They provide the practical exposure to the student to make them understand the subject more properly. This in a ways allows student to gain the experience under professionals.
Suitable for: This program is mainly focuses on edit part as this is consider as the main part of the film making, as an editor only tell the story and make it attractive by its art of editing. Due to a good editing story become more interesting. Director and other associates are also an important part of filmmaking. But the main attention is given to editing part.



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Trivandrum (Kerala)
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2nd Floor, SFS Pointe, Vazhuthacadu, Trivandrum, 695014

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Course programme

This program focuses on the design and the topics related to this.

The subjects covered are as follow:

Week One

  • Intro to world of Editor
  • The Film director's language includes; Camera angel & motion. Considering film arrangement.
  • Ultimate format & marked spectators
  • Edit conditions for film, video & digital
  • Procedure of film creation from preproduction to post -production
  • Study films

Week Two

  • Ultimate cut pro
  • Intro to Final cut pro UI
  • Online & offline edit
  • Intro to dissimilar Customary edits methods for film & video
  • Work with time code or E.D.L.

Week Three

  • Set up Studio
  • Set up studio with edit tools & supply.
  • Cable & monitor
  • Plan edits & log
  • Prepare timetable
  • Digitize or capture video

Week four

  • Digitize & training for Edit
  • Prepare digitize demo for edit
  • Constituents of digital organization
  • Organize digitize footage
  • Prepare film footage for edit
  • Film tool coordinaters & film apparatus
  • Prepare, Sync & code

Week five

  • 1st cut
  • Edit 1st cut
  • How to cut
  • Important edit methodology like 1, 2 & 3 tip cuts, trim etc.

Week Six

  • Stability & Intro to Audio
  • Overlie & response scene
  • Retain stability colour, element, direction and many more
  • Closing cut pro 'Colour'
  • Intro to audio & music
  • Intro to Audio record dub

Week Seven

  • Handle dissimilar types of substance
  • Cut act, montage, conversation & commentary
  • Cut document, animatronics news, joke etc.
  • S.F.X.

Week Eight

  • Music & S.F.X. outcomes
  • Cut Music, narrate track
  • Work with S.F.X.
  • Cut music videos

Week Nine

  • Review edit
  • Lock, measure & work with final period
  • Fundamental hypothesis of film making
  • Look at the edit from script, story telling & director tip of view

Week Ten

  • Interact with Music & Sound experts
  • Intro to Sound & music personals
  • Sound conditions & performs
  • Music conditions & performs
  • Edit with background music & commentary

Week Eleven

  • Heading & Scroll
  • Work with level & pan
  • Work with numerous language edit
  • Heading, sub heading & scroll
  • Intro to work with stereo & surround sound

Week Twelve

  • Motion graphic & D.V.D. author
  • Intro to motion graphic
  • Create motion graphic
  • Ultimate cut pro. 'Motion'
  • Work with transaction
  • Create graphic for D.V.D. author

Week Thirteen

  • Concluding & output
  • Add concluding touch
  • Prepare for output
  • Output on video- tape
  • D.V.D studio pro
  • Output on D.V.D.
  • Output for Web

Week Fourteen

  • Film equipments
  • Prepare for output for film
  • Cinema equipments
  • Prepare & plan for project works or show reel phase one
  • Intro to company & expert ethic

Week fifteen

  • Perform & Project
  • Practice & perfect
  • Source footage, Music,S.F.X. & graphics library
  • Copyright & legalitiy
  • project work/ showreel phase two

Week Sixteen

  • Concluding project/ or show-reel
  • Perform & perfect
  • Project work or show-reel concluding phase three
  • Biodata expansion & interview skill
  • Final examination & certification

Film Editing

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