Film Producer courses in Maharashtra

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Producers Course in Mumbai
Digital Academy-The Film School
  • Course
  • Mumbai
  • 78 Days

...The role of producer is always difficult to play as he is the only one who is considered as the Boss of the entire Crew as well as the product... Learn about: Film Producer, Film Production, Film and Television... More

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  • Course
  • Mumbai
  • 1 Day

...Music video recording, Sound special effects in addition to Editing. This course will instruct you in Pre-Production, definite spurt as well as Post-Production... Learn about: Film Editing, Film Institute, Film Making... More

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Film and TV production Course in Pune
The Alchemy Film Institute
  • Certificate
  • Pune
  • 2 Months

...If you are joining a course to make a birthday video or just for some basic introduction to filming, there are tons of courses and in fact, your camera operation guide is all you need. But, if you are a serious film maker whether its an independent film or you want to sell your stuff to channels... Learn about: Film Producer, TV Production, Independent Film... More

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  • Training
  • Mumbai
  • 3 Months

...THE NAME ACADEMY offers courses in ACTING, FILM & TV DIRECTION , FILM & TV EDITING , CINEMATOGRAPHY, SCREENPLAY WRITING, VOICEOVER & DUBBING... Learn about: Sound Editing, Movies Making, Digital Film Making... More

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  • Bachelor
  • Inhouse in Pune
  • 4 Years

...Courses in Film and Video Design put emphasis on a strong narrative content, which is to be communicated by achieving proficiency in using tool like film and video cameras... Learn about: Film Editing Software, Film Theory, Studio Lighting... More

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  • Course
  • Mumbai
  • 6 Months

...The Programme is designed to provide intensive practical and theoretical training in cinematography. You will learn: Fundamental theory of Motion Picture Technology... Learn about: Film Producer, Film Directing... More

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