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Final Cut Pro is a professional non-linear editing system developed by Apple Inc. that has found popularity amongst independent filmmakers and Hollywood film editors alike. The program has the ability to edit many digital formats including, SD, HDV, HD, Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM, 2K, 4K, and IMAX film formats. The system is currently only available for Mac OS X version 10.4.9 or later.

Salient Features

Broad Format Support:
Final Cut Pro 6 lets you edit virtually anything with the highest possible quality, including camera-native editing of leading SD and HD formats. Work with DV one day, then HDV, XDCAM HD, DVCPRO HD, or uncompressed HD the next. Or use ProRes 422, Apple's new post-production format, for uncompressed HD quality at SD file sizes.

Incredible Real-Time Effects:
Add visual interest to any production with the rich set of effects and visualization tools built into Final Cut Pro 6. Experiment freely and iterate quickly. You'll see the results of your changes in real time as you work, with no need to waste time waiting for renders.

Comprehensive Editing Tools:
The faster the tools, the more time you have to be creative. Final Cut Pro 6 makes it easy to edit quickly, accurately, and flexibly. Everything you do in Final Cut Pro - from editing and trimming to audio mixing to finishing to delivery - feels like second nature, so your creativity can flourish


Film Industry
TV Channels
Production Houses
Multimedia Companies

Courses Content


~ Understanding Clips,
~ Media Files & Sequence Starting a Project.
~ Importing Files

The Browser Window Elements:

~ Browser Overview
~ Organising Clips In The Browser
~ The Creation of Sequences and Bins
~ The Icon View and Columns View

The Viewer Window Elements:

~ Viewer Overview
~ The Tabs in Viewer
~ The Transport Controls
~ Marking Controls

The Timeline and Canvas Windows:

~ The Timeline Overview
~ Canvas Windows Overview
~ Editing Clips Into The Canvas &Timeline
~ Drag and Drop Editing
~ Overwriting and Inserting Edits
~ The Sequence Timecode

Basic Editing In The Timeline:

~ The Settings
~ The Timeline Buttons and Controls
~ Navigating and Zooming
~ Transferring Clips in the Timeline
~ Trimming Using the Selection Tool
~ Clip Handles & Media Limits
~ Closing and Finding Gaps
~ Linking and Sync

The Tools Palette in FCP:

~ Selection
~ Rolling Edit
~ Ripple Edit
~ Slide Edit
~ Slide Edit
~ Razor Blade Tools
~ Zoom and Hand
~ Crop & Distort
~ Pen Tools


~ The Adjustment of Levels
~ How to Read Audio Meters
~ Working with Stereo and Mono Clips
~ The Adjusting Plan
~ Adjusting Audio Over Time
~ The Audio Mixer
~ Using the Voice Over Tool in Final Cut Pro 4

Advanced Editing:

~ Using the Keyboard to Edit
~ 3 Point Editing
~ The Creation of L-Cuts
~ Delete Between the In/out Points
~ The Trim Edit Window Explained
~ Edit in the Trim Edit Window
~ Matchframe
~ The Viewer Sync Controls
~ Superimpose Edit
~ Fit to Fill Edit
~ Replace Edit
~ How to Edit a Sequence of Clips in the Viewer

Subclips and Markers:

~ Adding Markers
~ Markers in the Timeline
~ Creating Subclips
~ Using Markers to create Subclips

Preferences & System Settings:

~ Matching Settings Overview
~ The Item and User Preferences
~ Some System Settings
~ Both Audio and Video Settings

Capturing Capturing Footage:

~ Connecting Sources for Capture
~ Creating a New Project for Capturing
~ Previewing and Marking Your Source,
~ Logging Clips, Choosing Clip Settings
~ Choosing Capture Settings
~ Choosing Capturing Options,
~ Setting Capture Preferences and Acquiring Other Media

High Definition:

~ High Definition Formats
~ Frame Sizes
~ Frame Rates
~ Scanning Methods
~ Interpreting the Numbers
~ HD Workflow
~ Using HDV


~ Both Applying and Adjusting Transitions
~ Favourite and Default Transition
~ Trouble-Shooting Transitions


~ Applying and Viewing Filters
~ Viewing and Modifying Filter Parameters
~ Applying Audio Filters
~ Using a Color Correction Filter
~ Animating Filters.

Rendering & Realtime:

~ The Real Time Capabilities
~ Rendering Overview
~ The Rendering Settings
~ How to Preview Effects

Rendering & Realtime:

~ The Real Time Capabilities
~ Rendering Overview
~ The Rendering Settings
~ How to Preview Effects

Colour Correction in Final Cut Pro:

~ The Basic Principles
~ The Three-Way Colour Correction
~ Frame Viewer

Titles and Graphics:

~ Generating Items
~ Using Title 3D
~ Using Motion Enhanced Titles
~ Creating Basic Titles

Keyframing & Compositing:

~ Multiple Tracks in the Timeline
~ How to Adjust Basic Motion Attributes
~ Using Keyframes
~ Adding Keyframes in FCP
~ Changing the Pace of a Clip


~ Finishing
~ Exporting QuickTime Files
~ Outputting to Tape
~ Backing up Projects

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