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Pune (Maharashtra)
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Gulmohar Cottages, 8/103, Viman Nagar, Pune , 411014

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Course programme

Program Overview
First aid is a term used to describe the first care that an injured or severely ill person receives. The first aid response can keep a person alive for some time until some other advanced medical help arrives. Instant response by a first aider within starting 15 minutes, named platinum time period is extremely important.

Our first aid program teaches the fundamental principles, knowledge and skills to enable the first aider to provide emergency care for injuries and illnesses, in the home or the workplace. Basic training in first aid techniques should be instructed in institutes, in workplaces and in general, be learned by everyone, because it is very necessary for today's stressful life.

Topics Covered:
In this effective first aid training program candidates will learn about:

1. Learn how to stop internal & external bleeding
2. Learn how to treat with Fractures & dislocations emergencies
3. Learn how to handle with Head, Neck and Back Injuries
4. Learn how to handle electrical injuries
5. Learn how to handle different kinds of burn injuries
6. Learn how to handle Heart related emergencies
7. Learn how to handle ENT injuries
8. Learn how to manage different kinds of Heat and cold emergencies
9. Learn how to handle Poisoning, bites and stings emergencies
10. Learn how to handle emergency Child birthing

Additional information

Payment options: Course Fees: For Individual : Rs. 700 and for the Corporate Houses it is Rs. 1500

First Aid Training & Certification

₹ 700 VAT incl.