'FRAMO' hydraulic cargo pumping system course

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Location Mumbai
Duration 3 Days
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  • Mumbai
  • Duration:
    3 Days


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201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Starts On request
201,'SIGMA' Technology Street Hiranandani Gardens Powai , 400076, Maharashtra, India
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Course programme

The F.R.A.M.O. freight pumping systems is more & more being built-in on chemical carrier & product tanker.

In a bid to make certain well-organized & secure function of this type of hydraulic freight pumping systems, a resonance information concerning its performance is very important. This program publicizes the candidate with all aspect of the systems & modifies them to function it securely & powerfully. The candidates are uncovered to the design of the hydraulic circuit; description of the execution of the power pack; oil cleanliness aspect & its significance; trouble-shooting aspect - transaction with logical, systematical & in point; the different security feature of the circuits - different alarm or trip & the emergency override. The operational of centrifugal pump, both in parallel & in serie, are also enclosed down with the ability curve for the pump & their understanding & uses for best possible freight release. Strip operations, freight pump assessment curve, analysis of purging result & uses of the emergency moveable pumping equipments also shape parts of this program.
The building of the freight pump is also enclosed in aspect & different fundamental preservation process (renewals of wear ring or freight seal) explicate. 2 videos, 1 particularizing freight pump preservation & the other trading with functional aspect (loads or discharge or strip or tank maintaining & others). are also exposed. At last, the candidates are offered practical practices on the take to bits of the F.R.A.M.O. freight pump, putting back wear ring, freight seal, mechanical oil seal & also the hydraulic motor bearing. They are also uncovered to practical dismantle & trouble-shooting the Flow Controlling Valve F.C.V.-800 which operates as a 'governors' for the freight pump. In brief, this program offers a meeting for hypothesis address liberation, exercise, practical on dismantle or reassembling coaching & GD foremost to development in competencies & self-assurance in managing the F.R.A.M.O. hydraulic & freight equipments.
Program Target:
To modify the candidates to
· Realize the basic concept of hydraulic.
· Realize the exercising of the F.R.A.M.O. hydraulic circuits & the component within, the different security instruments & emergency override.
· Function the F.R.A.M.O. freight pumping systems & pump expeditiously & safely.
· Carrying out conventional overhauls or repairing on the freight pump & Flow controlling valve.
· Study through sharing of experience among candidates.
The program is suitable for:
All Engineers & Steering Officer & Electrical Officer.

Program Syllabus :
· Introducing the advantage & basic concept of hydraulic
· Component of hydraulic system & their illustrative symbol (I.S.O. 1219) in circuit drawing
· Open & Closed circuit
· Axial Pistons hydraulic pump - type & working principles & Pressure compensations features
· Detail functional descriptions of the F.R.A.M.O. circuits & pumping systems
· Hydraulic oil, pollution & filter
· Speed Control Valve - function & trouble-shooting
· Cargo pump constructions, operations, strip & performance evaluations
· Purging routine & analysis of result
· Freight pump performances curve
· Using portable pumps in emergencies & precaution
· Planned sustenance
· Practical dismantle or reassembling of F.R.A.M.O. Freight pumps & Flow controlling valve

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