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Game Development with Unity 3D Course in Pune
Thumbnail Institute of Animation Arts
  • Certificate
  • Pune
  • 320h

...This course gives a brief introduction to the entire Game Development Process. Students are given basic knowledge of Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Rigging and Animation required for a Game Programmer through a 3D software (Maya).Students get complete knowledge of Unity Game Engine... Learn about: Game Production, Game Planning, Game Developer... More

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Certificate in Gaming Course in Mumbai
Zee Institute of Media Arts
  • Certificate
  • Mumbai
  • 6 Months

...A Program in Game design that includes gaming concepts & training in software: 3Ds Max & Photoshop. One can pursue careers in gaming industry... Learn about: Game Planning, Game Technology, Game Developer... More

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Diploma In Game Technology Course in Chennai
Global Institute of Gaming and Animation
  • Diploma
  • Chennai

...Computer gaming is a phenomenon of the digital age. Once regarded as an adolescent pastime, computer games are today the entertainment and media... Learn about: Game Developer, Game Technology, Game Designer... More

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  • Diploma
  • Hyderabad
  • 6 Months

..., puzzle games in addition to promotion games, games have turn out to be insidious in our lives.An teaching in game plan is the ideal method to take... Learn about: Game Design Programming, Game Developer, Game Design Theory... More

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Diploma in Game Programming Course in Pune
Seamdu School of Pro Expressionism
  • Diploma
  • Pune
  • 1 Year

...Learn Open GL with faculty with International Exposure * Develop Game Engine * Learn Game Design * Develop Game Prototype with Design Team * Internship with Game & Graphics Industry. Suitable for: Anyone who has a good knowledge of c/C++... Learn about: Game Engine Design, Level Designer, Game Design Development... More

Rs 2,00,000
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  • Training
  • Pondicherry
  • 3 Months

...Actionscript (AS3) Game Programming. Candidates who selected this course will get their training with this companies multimedia gaming projects... Learn about: Game Programmers, Game Script, Game Art... More

Rs 15,000
VAT incl.
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