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The concept of training Basic life support, advance life support to Nurses and Doctors is picking up slowly here in India. Hospitals and Doctors have understood the benefits of training healthcare providers in Basic and advance life support techniques. The structured approach to an Emergency Care, algorithms of AHA, European resuscitation guidelines are soon finding their way to the heart and sole of those involved in the field of EMS, critical care or pre-hospital care.

We have to follow some guidelines be it American, British or “COUNTRYMADE”. The guidelines by AHA and ERC are sufficient and we presently are using them without acknowledging them or doing an iota of research as to how much they are correct, and efficient. As they say, “Old hobbits die hard” similarly Indian habit of sub-consciously accepting and implementing all that is published from the west will change.

Inspired by the AHA and ERC guidelines with Indian “spices” to make the program palatable for the Indians we have come up with Indigenous training program targeted at Nurses and Doctors. We are trying to also organize the workshops for traffic Police Fire, and other immediate medical care service providers.