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The Govt Nehru Post Graduate College was established in 1965. It was converted into a Government college in 1980. The college is situated in the tribal coal belt area of Madhya Pradesh. The college started as an Arts college. Commerce department was added in 1969 and Science in 1970. It covers the entire coal belt of Burhar area. Most of the students are from Burhar town and surrounding coal belt.

Post Graduate study has been started in 1983 with M.A. Sociology and M.Com division looking into the needs of the students. M.A. Economics started in 1987 and in 2002 M.Sc. Chemistry and Zoology and M.A. Geography in introduced to give wide choice for the tribal students for higher study. This Post Graduate college stands in 2nd position in the Shahdol District.
College stands in 11.50 Acers of Land and A large building.

Govt Nehru Post Graduate College