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Learning never exhausts the mind.
Leonardo da Vinci

As the famous painter mentioned those words, it resonates so well in the current challenging world where in CHANGE is constant. Education gives the firm base of an individual to stand tall with the world and continue status quo. It is then the individual in transit to the ever changing world needs to adapt, comply, LEARN and then survive to move towards the future. LEARNING is the stimuli that act as a catalyst to the human behavior to keep on performing at the highest levels. Education makes an individual survive the initial technical challenges where in he/she can overcome with the skills acquired over the years of studying but then further to that it would need the BEHAVIORAL SKILLS to reach higher levels of success and perform to the potential.

We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.
Peter Drucker

In GRIP Consulting we endeavor to do exactly what Mr. Drucker mentioned as the most “pressing task”. We do not believe in training people as we understand individuals are matured enough to take care of their skills and also manage to enhance their skills. What we do is create interventions which will help individuals to understand their needs, and also help them find avenues to satisfy their needs. We do not train people, we assure them an experience which will help them to THINK, ACT and LEARN. It is a given fact as said by Mr. Drucker that learning is a lifelong journey, and GRIP helps not only to facilitate the journey but be part of it and make it an EXPERIENCE which is memorable, VALUED and enjoyable.

“Learn to Fail and not fail to Learn”

“Failure” is a term which still carries a lot of stigma in our civilization. Though there has been numerous examples of individuals who have failed initially and then became highly successful, “Failure” still does not sound music to a majority of population. In GRIP consulting, we learn to fail as we believe in “Failure” lies the gems of all the learning. We also ensure that we do not fail to learn from the minutest of creatures, whether it’s a cluster of ants COLLABORATING and saving for rainy days, or it’s a toddler NEGOTIATING with her mother. We wish to learn with others and create a tradition of mutual sharing of knowledge and wisdom.

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Abhirup Banerjee
Abhirup Banerjee

Abhirup is a life & career coach and a motivational speaker. He helps people to be the best they can be, to discover true power…to create and live true purpose. Abhirup has over 15 years of experience in various fields in human resources and has worked in various multinational organizations. His passion is to work with people and bring about change in them. His core expertise lies in managing emotions and problem solving.Abhirup is an Internationally Certified Life Coach and Master Spiritual Life Coach.He is also a certified NLP Practitioner by ABNLP, USA.