Hardware CompTia A+ Course

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In Bangalore

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Location Bangalore
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Opposite to St.Patrick's Church, Residency Road, 560025, Karnataka, India
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Starts On request
Opposite to St.Patrick's Church, Residency Road, 560025, Karnataka, India
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Course programme

Computer Fundamentals
- Introduction to Computers
- Types of Software & languages
Introduction to Operating System
- Introduction to OS Booting sequence in
- Internal & external commands.
Working with Windows 98 :
- Hardware profiles
- System and memory Resource
- Boot sequence
- System management and maintenance
- Registry monitoring tools and
troubleshooting resources..
Assembling & Installation:
- Add on card identification
- Assembling a computer
- Installation of DOS, 95,98,ME, MSOffice
- Configuration of display, sound card.
Digital Electronics:
- Number System and conversion
- Basic logic gates (NOT, AND, OR)
- Universal gates (NAND, NOR)
- Flip flops (RS, D and JK)
- Counters, Shift registers
- Multiplexer and De-multiplexer
- Introduction to Integrated Circuit
Microprocessor and Support chips:
- Difference between 8085,8086 and
- Data, Address and control bus
- Dumb and Smart chip
- Use of 8284,8288, 74LS245, 74LS373,
in a PC
- Use of 8237,8253.8255 & 8259 in a PC.
Advanced Microprocessor:
- Difference between PC-XT & PC-AT
- Processor speed ratings
- Study on Intel 80286, 80386, 80486
- Study on Pentium, MMX, Pentium Pro,
Celeron, PII, PIII,P4, Xeon
- Study on Hyperthreading and Dual-Core
- Pipelining and superscalar execution
- Difference between RISC and CISC
- Discussion on Overdrive processor
- Processor performance tests
- AMD- K5, K6, K7, Athlon, Duron, Cyrix-
M II, Media GX
- Multiprocessor configuration.
Using System Resources and
- Managing IRQ and I/O Base addresses.
- Configuring DMA Channels
- Troubleshooting resource conflicts
- Memory management
- The system and logical Memory Layouts
- Adapter Memory Configuration and
- Different Memory types
- Discussion on Cache Memory.

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