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The Hip-Hop dance method is off shoot of hip hop culture. This type of dance mainly takes place along with hip hop music. Hip - hop is a wider phrase and it includes many nuances of varied types of dances. In general, the origin of break dancing traces its roots to hip hop dance. One main difference in dance among hip - hop dance and break dance is in terms of movements.

In fact, the genesis of break dancing traces its roots to hip-hop dance. One major dance between hip-hop dance and break dance is in terms of movements.

This Dance form is a creation of rap culture. This Dance is performed using rap or soul music. It is not one dance form in particular it is a mixture of several dance forms and arts. Infact hip-hop is responsible for creating several dance forms e.g Break dancing. In fact one of the most important differences between hip-hop dance routines and break dancing is in their movements.
Hip-hop dance is practiced while standing up. But break dancing moves are performed close to the ground. Four elements; disc jockeys, MCs or rappers, B-boys and B-girls and Graffiti create the art of Hip-Hop Dance.
The fascinating aspect of hip-hop dance maybe its evolution over several years. several Dance forms like tap, jazz, rock and Latin American assimilated in the Creation of the new generation of this art. Hip-hop is not only a dance form but it is also an attitude. The dance has to be provided with alot of energy and helps nurturing flexibility in ones body.
Hip-Hop is popular among people because of its uniqueness and freedom. The artistscan add their own stepsand moves whenever they feel the need to. Hip-hop represents the freedom of the dancer and his confidence in himself.
India is Catching up to this free art this dance form is especialy popular among the youth. To encourage this culture alot of dace studios and acadmeys are introducing hip-hop. The MTV culture has also help nurture this culture.
But one must always remember that hip-hop is always about the creation of their own steps. So the best way to learn hip-hop is to create your own way to dace and to create your own personality. Hip-Hop is an artform which is still evolving so the charm is in forming your own original hip-hop.

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