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Holistic and Energetic Naturopathy Operators

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Important information

Typology Course
Level Advanced
Methodology Online
Class hours 400h
Duration Flexible
Online campus Yes
Delivery of study materials Yes
Support service Yes
Personal tutor Yes
  • Course
  • Advanced
  • Online
  • 400h
  • Duration:
  • Online campus
  • Delivery of study materials
  • Support service
  • Personal tutor

This course is adressed to any person who wants to approach the subject either for professional or amateur reasons. It is created by experts in the field and each subject is covered very well. Thanks to this course you will approach to the subject and find new job opportunities.

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Frequent Asked Questions

· Who is it intended for?

To any person who wants to approach the Holistic world

· Requirements

Internet connection and personal mail box.

· Qualification

Certificate of Attendance.

· What marks this course apart?

Greater quality with minor cost

· What happens after requesting information?

We will immediately contact you, usually by email within 24 hours. The couse will begin after confirming payment

What you'll learn on the course

Holistic therapy
Chinese medicine
Bach flower

Teachers and trainers (1)

Ilaria Gamboni
Ilaria Gamboni

Course programme

Here we explain the main parts of the syllabus:

- basis of scientific medicines, occidental medicine and oriental medicine (chinese and ayurvedic medicine)esoteric and analogical,

- basics of naturopathy, counselling and health psychology,

- energetic and homeopathic medicine, organotherapeutic, anthroposophical

- acupuncture,

- corporeal techniques and physic therapies of psychosomatic and metamedicine,

- panoramic of philosophical and methodological principles of manual, energetic, traditional, physic and alternative medicine used in naturopathy, the concept of energy and power in physics, biology, psychology, sociology and energetic naturopathy,

- health and illnesses, biopsychosocial sociological and health psychology approach, holism and its signification, basic principles and rules for a good quality of life,

- naturopathic alimentation science,

- phytotherapy and herbal sciences,

- flower therapy and phytotherapy: magic and science, Bach Australians, Alaskans, Californians, French Sardinian, Italians, energy and energetic medicines( pranotherapy, reiki, craniosacral, theta healing, EFT, vibrational energetic cut, crystal therapy, chromotherapy, kinesiology, therapy with guardian angels, prayers),

- massotherapy, plantar and manual reflexology,

- vega test,

- bioresonance equipment for intolerance analyses and bioenergetics therapies, crystal therapy, use of chakra and meridians,

- meditation,

- iridology,

- chromotherapy,

- shiatsu,

- visology,

- kinesiology,

- osteopathy and chiropractic,

- the role of sexuality in the quality of life research,

- techniques of display and relaxing,

- stress, anxiety, existential uneasiness, role of sharing, management of stress in naturopathy physical activity, ageing, menopause, human relationships, psychobiology, the role of suggestion within healing,

- craniosacral therapy

- communication and language of the body

- NLP, cognitive and behavioural techniques,

- how the mind works,

- emotional intelligence.

Additional information

If you wish to have more information please contact us!People who enroll in one of our courses will have a 15% discount from the second course onwards, this includes also tailored courses!! Contact us!

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