HTML5 & CSS3 Site Design

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Shantini Nataraj
4.0 11/03/2014
What I would highlight: Learning course was interactive and training was effective.
What could be improved: Nothing
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Santosh kumar Bhairi
4.5 11/03/2014
What I would highlight: Useful and structured. It would be useful to pickup more appropriate/relevant examples during the training course.
What could be improved: Nothing
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Ankur Goyal
4.0 05/03/2014
What I would highlight: The training is good for learning in a structured way.
What could be improved: Nothing
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
Abirami Muthia
4.5 04/03/2014
What I would highlight: The faculty made the session very interactive. It was a good training experience.
What could be improved: Nothing
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

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Certified Six Sigma Green Belt

Girish Ravi
4.5 21/12/2015
What I would highlight: I can say you simply learn here as learning is made simple. Good experienced trainers, lots of options to learn from - online, virtual classroom etc. Learning never stops when you are associated with Simplilearn. So many courses to choose from across project management, quality, technology, business etc. Got my PMP credentials too through Simplilearn and journey continues. Am happy I chose Simplilearn. Happy Learning.
What could be improved: Nothing
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Course programme

Course Preview
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Site Design
    • Chapter 0 - Introduction
      • 0.1 Introduction
      • 0.2 A Look At What Well Build
    • Chapter 1 - Let Get Started
      • 1.1 Lets Get Started
      • 1.2 In The Beginning HTML Fundamentals
      • 1.3 Understanding What CSS Is All About
      • 1.4 Viewing A Page Background Code
    • Chapter 2 - Getting Your Files Organized
      • 2.1 Getting Your Files Organized
      • 2.2 Creating A Page And Understanding Index Files
      • 2.3 Setting Up An External Style Sheet
    • Chapter 3 - Let Build A Web Layout From Scratch
      • 3.1 Lets Build A Web Layout From Scratch
      • 3.2 Connecting The External Style Sheet And Testing
      • 3.3 Inserting And Formatting The Site Header
      • 3.4 Finishing Up The Basic Layout
      • 3.5 Debugging For Internet Explorer
      • 3.6 Understanding How The Layout Works
      • 3.7 Using Divs For Page Layout
      • 3.8 A More Economical Approach To Layout And CSS
      • 3.9 Using Float And Clear
      • 3.10 Centering The Layout
      • 3.11 Nesting Layout Objects
      • 3.12 Spacing Apart The Layout
      • 3.13 Final Touches
    • Chapter 4 - Inserting And Formatting Text
      • 4.1 Inserting And Formatting Text
      • 4.2 Setting Up Paragraphs And Headings
      • 4.3 Adjusting The Layout For Text Part 1
      • 4.4 Adjusting The Layout For Text Part 2
      • 4.5 Formatting HTML Headings With CSS
      • 4.6 Formatting Paragraphs
      • 4.7 Using Class Rules To Format Text
      • 4.8 More Formatting With Class Rules
      • 4.9 Working More Efficiently With CSS
      • 4.10 Inserting And Formatting Lists
      • 4.11 Using A List To Build The Main Navigation Menu
      • 4.12 Setting Up The Footer Navigation
    • Chapter 5 - Now It Time For Some Graphics
      • 5.1 Now It Time For Some Graphics
      • 5.2 Resizing Images With Your Graphics Editor
      • 5.3 Controlling Graphics With CSS
      • 5.4 Inserting The FeatureBox Images(Free Lesson)
      • 5.5 Adjusting The FeatureBox Layout
      • 5.6 Setting Up The FeatureBox Titles
      • 5.7 Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, And CSS Workflow
    • Chapter 6 - Site Rollout
      • 6.1 Site Rollout
      • 6.2 How To Not Roll Out A Website
      • 6.3 Roll Out 1 - Setting Internal Hyperlinks
      • 6.4 Roll Out 2 - Creating The Site Pages
      • 6.5 Previewing And Testing The Site
      • 6.6 A Final Thought On Site Rollout
    • Chapter 7 - Inserting Additional Page Elements
      • 7.1 Inserting Additional Page Elements
      • 7.2 Inserting A Simple Slideshow
      • 7.3 Inserting And Formatting Tables
      • 7.4 Inserting A Google Map
      • 7.5 Formatting A Customer Testimonial Page
      • 7.6 Setting Up A Contact Us Page
      • 7.7 Finalizing The Site
      • 7.8 Organizing The CSS File
    • Chapter 8 - Going Live Uploading The Completed Site
      • 8.1 Uploading The Completed Site
      • 8.2 Uploading The Local Site To The Remote Server
      • 8.3 Testing The Live Site
      • 8.4 Making Edits And Updating The Live Site
      • 8.5 Testing And Debugging For Other Browsers
      • 8.6 Conclusion

Additional information

  • What is the course all about?

    This course will show you how to set up a web site from scratch and tips and tricks to master HTML coding skills. With the detailed and valuable information provided through this course, you will be able to master HTML coding skills.

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