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      Typology Bachelor's degree
      Location Espoo (Finland)
      Duration 4 Years
      Start January
      • Bachelor's degree
      • Espoo (Finland)
      • Duration:
        4 Years
      • Start:

      Have you ever thought about studying Information Technology? If the answer is yes, Emagister has the perfect course for you!
      Thanks to your professional studies in Information Technology, you will fortify your engineering skills and boost your competences in business and communication.

      During your studies, you will be involved in different industry-related projects that will lead you to a future career! In addition, work placement periods and a Final Year Project will help you build useful networks, guiding you toward your working-life.

      Furthermore, you will enhance your knowledge of core engineering subjects such as physics and mathematics while increasing your skills in languages and communication.

      Become a professional in Information Technology! Visit and discover how

      Important information
      What are the course objectives?

      Information Technology is everywhere in today's society as it is needed in electronic and media appliances, computers, household devices, and almost in every part of our everyday lives.

      We offer you:

      Excellent combination of basic and professional courses in Information Technology
      High-quality education
      A solid basis to work as an engineer both in Finland and abroad
      Major options in Smart Systems, Mobile Solutions, and IoT & Cloud Computing
      International and supportive learning environment
      Multidisciplinary educational institution with a vast partner network

      Is this course for me?

      You don't need to be a computer wizard to start with as we will equip you with the skills and knowledge required in the field. You just need to be committed and hard-working student with a devoted attitude towards the world of information technology and engineering. We offer you an international study environment in which you have a possibility to make friends and future colleagues with students from all around the world.

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      Vanha maantie 6 02650, South Finland - Helsinki, Finland
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      Starts January
      Vanha maantie 6 02650, South Finland - Helsinki, Finland
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      Reviews on this course

      Vivian Maar
      What I would highlight: The best thing they did was to pushed me out of my comfort zone due to which I achieved a lot and I had a cross cultural experience and everything was great. I really had a great time and so was their Internship. I had a nice time in all, thanks for everything. My career got a good frame and mindset. I had a nice time in all, thanks for the same.
      What could be improved: I can't say nothing.
      Course taken: September 2018
      Would you recommend this centre?: yes
      Udeep Shakya
      What I would highlight: If you believe in practicing what you've learnt, then Metropolia is your place. This school is equipped with all the tool, technologies and everything that you need to get better and sharper at what you do.
      What could be improved: I loved it.
      Course taken: August 2018
      Would you recommend this centre?: yes
      Joska Taipale
      What I would highlight: I met true industry experts and professionals, being a technical trainer I could see the impact of the same. Their focus was really good amd I enjoyed my time here.
      What could be improved: Everything was OK.
      Course taken: August 2018
      Would you recommend this centre?: yes
      Reviews gathered by Emagister & iAgora

      What you'll learn on the course

      Project Control
      Project Manager
      System Operation
      Information Systems management
      Information Visualisation
      Electronic Engineering
      Engineering Skills
      Systems Engineering
      Digital Marketing
      Information technology
      Smart Systems
      Household Devices
      Mobile Solutions
      IoT & Cloud Computing

      Course programme

      How studies are implemented?

      Studies are organised in multiple ways such as lectures, group work, projects, tutorials and self-study. Studies also require full-time attendance in most of the courses. You can also choose courses from on-line offerings. Metropolia gives you a possibility to take individual learning paths to ensure the smooth progress of your studies.
      You will study four 15 ECTS courses in the first year and the courses require full-time attendance.
      Major options

      You will choose your major option during your first study year. You may choose major option out of the three options offered in Information Technology.
      Starting studies in major option requires that you have followed the curriculum as planned and have completed 60 ECTS.The major option will be offered if a sufficient number of students will choose the major option.We have limited study places in each major option. If the number of students applying for a major exceeds the number of study places, the selection criteria will be based on study success and other criteria defined by the degree program.Major option will give you an in-depth insight into the subject areas that are relevant and up-to-date in each major option. You can also extend your knowledge in any other major options by taking it as a minor option in your engineering studies. Major Options and course offerings in Major Options are subject to change.
      Mobile Solutions

      As media consumption is moving to mobile devices there is ever increasing need for software developers who master mobile specific software development.
      You will learn to design and implement visually outstanding web, hybrid and native applications for smart phones and tablets using the same methods and tools as the top software companies. So you will become a software developer. The knowledge comes through courses such as Mobile Web Technologies, iOS Application Development, Android Application Development utilizing Sensor Technologies and Mobile Projects together with Companies.
      After graduation you may work for example as a software developer, a software designer or as a product manager in media and ICT-field companies, in communication and marketing companies, in software houses and digital marketing agencies or as an entrepreneur.
      Smart Systems

      Smart Systems provides tools to interface the real world events with virtual, computerised world. The objective of this major is to give you a solid understanding on how electronic devices operate. You will learn the electronics fundamentals, programming of embedded systems, implementation of internet of things (IoT) devices, and how the hardware interacts with high-level user interfaces.
      The course offerings include:
      • Embedded Systems programming
      • Internet of Things
      • Modern Measurement Systems and Sensor Technologies
      • Open-source Operating Systems
      • Graduates will work for example in product research and development departments, as a technical specialists or as a software developer in various ICT companies.
      • IoT and Cloud Computing - Creating the Future
      • IoT and Cloud Computing gives you an insight to the world of different communication technologies and cloud services including Internet of Things. 

      You can put the learnt theory into practice as our data communication laboratory covers various areas of Internet and mobile communications.

      The laboratory networks contain all essential working components of the modern networks and the mobile communications providing extensive set of computer aided environments for education and evaluation of modern cellular network operation.
      You may work in various ICT related positions after the graduation such as a project manager, network specialist, cloud system administrator, ICT security specialist or technical specialist.