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Master in Advanced Architecture

Javier Alascio

What I would highlight: Estudiar en el IAAC ha sido una experiencia irrepetible de la que estoy gratamente satisfecho. Ha sido un año muy intenso, en el que he aprendido muchísimo, personal y profesionalmente. He ampliado mis habilidades en el area del diseño y la fabricación digital, compartiendo experiencias con gente de todo el mundo y haciendo grandes amistades
What could be improved: Nada.
Course taken: October 2017
Would you recommend this course?: Yes

Master in Advanced Architecture

Hansuli M.

What I would highlight: Once I finished the course, I realised that this is the bestprivate institute for Architects in Spain.
What could be improved: -
Course taken: March 2016
Would you recommend this course?: Yes
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Areas of specialisation

Fab Lab
Advanced Interaction
Beyond Processing
Objects that talk
Designing Interfaces for Museums
Programming and Creativity
Folding structures
Reactive visuals
Natural behavior
Principles of electronic
Sensors and actuators
Physical and virtual spaces
Web Mashups
Sustainable batteries
Human to human interaction
Visual programming
Interactive storytelling
How to hack almost anything
Interactive film
Mobile activism
How to listen
Media Arts Histories
Mobile games
Philosophy and technology
Books: from paper to screen
Ethical design
User Experience Design for Visual
Public interactive space
Social Networks for Social Change
All the information you can read
Data Flow programming for performances
Digital Fabrication


The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia offers a three-term Masters program in Advance Interaction, Advanced Architecture or in City and Technology, also we have a postgraduate course of six months: Open Thesis Fabrication,

Which one will suit you the best?

The IAAC is committed to a long-term prospectus of creating an international research and academic center in Barcelona, bringing together international students, professors and researchers from different fields in order to materialize experimental projects and turn them into reality.

Institut d'Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya