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Institute of Diamond Trade(IDT) is India’s largest network of non-profit educational authority for gemology. Since the formation of IDT, in Delhi, on the 6th June 2004, it has been the leading organization in producing India's leading gemologists by training and educating members of the gem and jewelery industry, and the general public, about all aspects of gemstones and their substitutes.

IDT, India currently forms an international community of gem professionals and enthusiasts. With our commitment to high educational standards, we serve the interests of the gem and jewelery industries and support gemological research worldwide. In addition to our educational programmes we provide membership opportunities and a shop for the purchasing of gemological instruments. We are committed to providing the highest standards of gem education and research.

IDT, started its journey in 2004 in Delhi. Within a very short period of time we have spread our operations across the entire country and currently we have full fledged centers, centers equipped with the advanced laboratories and driven by top class faculty, in Punjab, Haryana, Kolkata, Chennai and Kerala.

Institute of Diamond Trade