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Paper - I History of Bulgaria
· The ethnic composition of Bulgaria
· Formation of the Bulgarian State
· The first Bulgarian State
· Bulgaria's relations with Byzantium
· Creation of the Cyrillic script and growth of Written Culture
· The Second Bulgarian State
· Ottoman rule over Bulgaria
· Liberation movements and the liberation of Bulgaria
· Monarchy & Manarcho-fascism. "Anti-fascist" uprising of 1923
· Socialist revolution of 1944 and Socialist Bulgaria
· Bulgaria after 1989

Paper - II Grammar
· Syntax-word order, type of sentences
· Nouns- gender, number, articles
· Pronouns- full form & short form of pronouns, accusative and dative cases
· Adjectives - agreement of adjectives with nouns, articles; formation of adjectives with suffixes
· Verbs - conjugation of verbs, aspects of verbs; present, past and future tenses; imperatives; direct
& indirect narration
· Adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions

Paper - III Translation
a. Audio-translation from oral texts in English and Bulgarian into written text in Bulgarian &
b. Translation of unseen written text in English and Bulgarian into Bulgarian & English (dictionary
may be allowed to be used)
Paper - IV Practical Bulgarian
A. 1. Vocabulary and terms for commercial technical and scientific usage
2. Comprehension; Idioms
B. Conversational Bulgarian:
1. Situational
2. Pronunciation
3. Stress
4. Intonation
Paper - V History of Bulgarian Literature
A. 1. Old Bulgarian Literature
2. Literature of Bulgarian re-awakening
3. Bulgarian Literature: 1878-1919
4. Bulgarian Literature between the wars
5. Modern Bulgarian literature up to 1990
B. Literary biographies and texts of the following writers:
Hristo Botev; Hristo Smirnenski; Geomilev; Nikola Vaptsarov; Elsveta Bagreyana' Ivan Vazov;
Yodan Yovkov; Elin Pelin; Dimiter Dimov

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